WS-REST 2012: Third International Workshop on RESTful Design

This workshop was held in connection with 21st International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2012).

The following papers were presented at WS-REST 2012 : Third international Workshop on RESTful Design (listed alphabetically):
  1. From APIs to Affordances: A New Paradigm for Web Services
  2. Experiences Designing Hypermedia-Driven and Self-Adaptive Web-Based AR Authoring Tools
  3. What if the Web Were Not RESTful?
  4. On Using JSON-LD to Create Evolvable RESTful Services
  5. Introduction to the Third International Workshop on RESTful Design (WS-REST 2012)
  6. Case Study: Extracting a Resource Model from an Object-Oriented Legacy Application
  7. RESTify: From RPCs to RESTful HTTP Design
  8. Composition of Engineering Web Services with Universal Distributed Data-Flows based on ROA
  9. Functional Descriptions as the Bridge between Hypermedia APIs and the Semantic Web

The following people were involved in WS-REST 2012 : Third international Workshop on RESTful Design: Rosa Alarcon, Jan Algermissen, Subbu Allamaraju, Mike Amundsen, Bill Burke, Benjamin Carlyle, Stuart Charlton, Sam Coppens, Duncan Cragg, Cornelia Davis, Davy Van Deursen, Kewei Duan, Joaquim Gabarro, Joe Gregorio, Christian Guetl, Michael Hausenblas, Hiroshi Hosobe, Hyunsun Kim, Yves Lafon, Markus Lanthaler, Frank Leymann, Alexandros Marinos, Julian Padget, Cesare Pautasso, Ian Robinson, Silvia Schreier, Thomas Steiner, Vlad Stirbu, Jakob Strauch, Christoph Szymanski, Richard Taylor, Stefan Tilkov, Ruben Verborgh, Steve Vinoski, Rik Van De Walle, Erik Wilde, Yu You, Olaf Zimmermann

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