Web Intelligence and Communities, WI&C

Homepage: http://wic.litislab.fr
This workshop was held in connection with 21st International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2012).

The following papers were presented at WI&C : Web Intellignece & Communities (listed alphabetically):
  1. Clustering avatars behaviours from Virtual Worlds interactions
  2. Smart Places: Multi-Agent based Virtual Community Management System
  3. User Interests Driven Web Personalization Based on Multiple Social Networks
  4. Automated Community Detection on Social Networks: Useful ? Efficient ? Asking the users
  5. Towards Geosocial Recommender Systems
  6. Collective Intelligence as a Source for Machine Learning Self-Supervision
  7. Designing Privacy-Aware Social Networks: A Multi-Agent Approach

The following people were involved in WI&C : Web Intellignece & Communities: Rajendra Akerkar, Jorn Altmann, Frederic Amblard, Costin Badica, David F. Barrero, Bert-Jan van Beijnum, Olivier Boissier, Rolf A. De By, Jacques Calmet, David Camacho, Remy Cazabet, Andrei Ciortea, Oscar Corcho, Nicolas Delaforge, Anind Dey, Ying Ding, Muhammad Fahad, Wasif Gilani, Victor De Graaff, Christophe Gravier, Harry Halpin, Dominikus Heckmann, Estevam Hruschka Junior, Maurice Van Keulen, Steinar Kristoffersen, Yann Krupa, Ioan Letia, Pawan Lingras, Pierre Maret, Leguistin Maud, Pascal Molli, Christo El Morr, Gema Bello Orgaz, Saulo Pedro, Maria D. R-Moreno, Maya Ramanath, Xu Ren, Sebastian Rios, M Sasikumar, Eddie Soulier, Christoph Stahl, Johann Stan, Kimmo Tarkkanen, Robin Teigland, Laurent Vercouter, Yan Wang, Hannes Werthner, Yi Zeng, Ning Zhong

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