Terra Cognita

Homepage: http://asio.bbn.com/terracognita2009
This workshop was held in connection with 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2009).

The following papers were presented at Terra Cognita (listed alphabetically):
  1. Spatial Planning on the Semantic Web
  2. A Qualitative Approach to Vague Spatio-Thematic Query Processing
  3. Semantic Method of Conflation
  4. The Experience of Realizing a Semantic Web Urban Computing Application
  5. The Space package: Tight Integration Between Space and Semantics
  6. A Transparent Semantic Enablement Layer for the Geospatial Web
  7. Towards Modelling the Intended Purpose of Ontologies: A Case Study in Geography
  8. Efficient 3D and 4D Geospatial Indexing in RDF Stores with a Focus on Moving Objects

The following people were involved in Terra Cognita: Jans Aasman, Dan Adams, Ola Ahlqvist, Gary Berg-Cross, Veleria Boaten, Arne Broering, Irene Celino, Harry Chen, Anthony Cohn, Isabel Cruz, Mike Dean, Daniele Dell'Aglio, Ronald Denaux, Vania Dimitrova, Max Egenhofer, Eric Freese, John Goodwin, Rolf Grütter, Steve Haflich, Willem Robert van Hage, Glen Hart, Rinke Hoekstra, Kathleen Stewart Hornsby, Erik Hupkes, Krzysztof Janowicz, Carsten Kessler, Dave Kolas, Sergei Levashkin, Joshua Lieberman, Michael Lutz, Craig Norvell, Florian Probst, James Ressler, Sven Schade, Thomas Scharrenbach, Guus Schreiber, Angela Schwering, Christoph Stasch, Emanuele Della Valle, Dalia Varanka, Nancy Wiegand, Jan Wielemaker, James Wilson, Radboud Winkels, Naijun Zhou

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