Context Dependent Reasoning for Semantic Documents in Sindice

Presented at: 4th International Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (SSWS2008)

by Renaud Delbru, Axel Polleres, Giovanni Tummarello, Stefan Decker

The Sindice Semantic Web index provides search capabilities over today more than 30 million documents. A scalable reasoning mechanism for real-world web data is important in order to increase the precision and recall of the Sindice index by inferring useful information (e.g. RDF Schema features, equality, property characteristic such as inverse functional properties or annotation properties from OWL). In this paper, we introduce our notion of context dependent reasoning for RDF documents published on the Web according to the linked data principle. We then illustrate an efficient methodology to perform context dependent RDFS and partial OWL inference based on a persistent TBox composed of a network of web ontologies. Finally we report preliminary evaluation results of our implementation underlying the Sindice web data index.

Keywords: Linked Data, Reasoning, Scalabiliy

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