Neologism: Easy Vocabulary Publishing

Presented at: 4th Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web (SFSW2008)

by Cosmin Basca, Stephane Corlosquet, Richard Cyganiak, Sergio Fernandez, Thomas Schandl


Creating, documenting, publishing and maintaining an RDF Schema vocabulary is a complex, time-consuming task. This makes vocabulary maintainers reluctant to evolve their creations quickly in response to user feedback; it prevents use of RDF for casual, ad-hoc data publication about niche topics; it leads to poorly documented vocabularies, and contributes to poor compliance of vocabularies with best-practice recommendations. Neologism is a web-based vocabulary editor and publishing system that dramatically reduces the time required to create, publish and modify vocabularies. By removing a lot of pain from this process, Neologism will contribute to a generally more interesting, relevant and standards-compliant Semantic Web.

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