A community based approach for managing ontology alignments

Presented at: Third International Workshop On Ontology Matching (OM2008)

by Gianluca Correndo, Harith Alani, Paul Smart

The Semantic Web is rapidly becoming a defacto distributedrepository for semantically represented data, thus leveraging on the addedon value of the network effect. Various ontology mapping techniques andtools have been devised to facilitate the bridging and integration of distributeddata repositories. Nevertheless, ontology mapping can benefitfrom human supervision to increase accuracy of results. The spread ofWeb 2.0 approaches demonstrate the possibility of using collaborativetechniques for reaching consensus. While a number of prototypes for collaborativeontology construction are being developed, collaborative ontologymapping is not yet well investigated. In this paper, we describe aprototype that combines off-the-shelf ontology mapping tools with socialsoftware techniques to enable users to collaborate on mapping ontologies.

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