Towards a Dynamic Linked Data Observatory

Presented at: Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2012)

by Tobias Käfer, Jürgen Umbrich, Aidan Hogan, Axel Polleres

We describe work-in-progress on the design and methodology of the Dynamic Linked Data Observatory: a framework to monitor Linked Data over an extended period of time. The core goal of our work is to collect frequent, continuous snapshots of a subset of the Web of Data that is interesting for further study and experimentation, with an aim to capture raw data about the dynamics of Linked Data. The resulting corpora will be made openly and continuously available to the Linked Data research community. Herein, we (1) motivate the importance of such a corpus; (2) out- line some of the use-cases and requirements for the resulting snapshots; (3) discuss different “views” of the Web of Data which affect how we define a sample to monitor; (4) detail how we select the scope of the monitoring experiment through sampling, (5) discuss the final design of the monitoring framework which will capture regular snapshots of (subsets of) the Web of Data over the coming months and years.

Keywords: Linked Data, Sampling Methods, Web Dynamics

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