Towards Interoperable Provenance Publication on the Linked Data Web

Presented at: Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2012)

by Jun Zhao, Olaf Hartig

Provenance provides vital information for evaluating quality and trustworthiness of information on the Web. To achieve this we must have access to semantically interchangeable provenance information and an agreement on where and how this information to be located. The ongoing W3C Provenance Interchange Working Group provides a promise towards leveraging these problems. In this position paper, we analyze how the upcoming standards could fit together with existing provenance vocabularies and publication approaches so that we achieve the optimal interoperability now and in the near future. Because the standardization is still an ongoing effort, any analysis results presented in this paper are positional and are aimed at communicating the latest development of the working group to the community.

Keywords: Linked Data, Provenance, RDF, Semantic Web

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