Incentives For The Semantic Web

This workshop was held in connection with 7th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2008).

The following papers were presented at Incentives For The Semantic Web (listed alphabetically):
  1. Towards a Constitution Based Game for Fostering Fluency in “SemanticWeb Writing”
  2. Bridging the Motivation Gap for Individual Annotators: What Can We Learn From Photo Annotation Systems?
  3. Growing the Semantic Web with Inverse Semantic Search
  4. Tackling the Curse of Prepayment – Collaborative Knowledge Formalization Beyond Lightweight
  5. Case Sharing and Ontology Structuring in an Online Oral Medicine Community
  6. Extracting Time and Location Concepts Related to Tags

The following people were involved in Incentives For The Semantic Web: Sinuhe Arroyo, Yukino Baba, Chris Bizer, Simone Braun, Dan Brickley, Göran Falkman, Chide Groenouwe, Marie Gustafsson, Peter Haase, Hans-Jörg Happel, Tabin Hasan, Tom Heath, Shinichi Honiden, Fuyuki Ishikawa, Anthony Jameson, Mats Jontell, Nick Kings, Eyal Oren, Carlos Pedrinaci, Valentina Presutti, Marta Sabou, Sebastian Schaffert, Andreas Schmidt, Elena Simperl, Katharina Siorpaes, Hideaki Takeda, Jan Top, Olof Torgersson, Tania Tudorache, Denny Vrandecic, Valentin Zacharias, Ilya Zaihrayeu

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