Towards a Semantic Contact Management

Presented at: Finding Experts on the Web with Semantics Workshop (FEWS2007)

by Irene Celino, Francesco Corcoglioniti, Emanuele Della Valle

Many organizations face every day the problem of effectively managing their contacts (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.), in terms of communication, clustering, networking, analysis, and so on. Our company decided to cope with this issue by gathering the requirements for Contact Management and by designing and developing a prototype, called GeCo, to fit Cefriel needs. During the development of this application, which ran in parallel with some research projects dealing with Semantic Web technologies, we recognized that the addition of some "semantics", both in the data modeling and in the tool design, would help a lot in solving the open issues for the general problem of Contact Management. In this paper we summarize the main criticalities in managing contacts and we suggest how Semantic Web technologies can contribute to their successful solution.

Towards a Semantic Contact Management was presented at this event.

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