Linked Data on the Web

This workshop was held in connection with 17th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2008).

The following papers were presented at Linked Data on the Web (listed alphabetically):
  1. Semantic Marc, MARC21 and The Semantic Web
  2. Building Linked Data For Both Humans and Machines
  3. Automatic Interlinking of Music Datasets on the Semantic Web
  4. Tabulator Redux: Browsing and Writing Linked Data
  5. SparqPlug: Generating Linked Data from Legacy HTML, SPARQL and the DOM
  6. Meaning Of A Tag: A collaborative approach to bridge the gap between tagging and Linked Data
  7. Browser-based Semantic Mapping Tool for Linked Datain Semantic Web
  8. :me owl:sameAs flickr:33669349@N00 .
  9. Linking Enterprise Data
  10. n2Mate: Exploiting social capital to create a standards-rich semantic network
  11. Browsing Linked Data with Fenfire
  12. Searching Semantic Web Objects Based on Class Hierarchies
  13. An Entity Name System for Linking Semantic Web Data
  14. Linked Data Spaces & Data Portability
  15. zLinks:Semantic Framework for Invoking Contextual Linked Data
  16. Weaving SIOC into the Web of Linked Data
  17. A Case Study on Linked Data Generation and Consumption
  18. Provenance and Linked Data in Biological Data Webs
  19. URI Disambiguation in the Context of Linked Data
  20. DBpedia Mobile: A Location-Enabled Linked Data Browser
  21. The OAI2LOD Server: Exposing OAI-PMH Metadata as Linked Data
  22. Open Data Commons, a license for open data
  23. Humboldt: Exploring Linked Data

The following people were involved in Linked Data on the Web: Rob Atkinson, Danny Ayers, Christian Becker, Michael K. Bergman, Tim Berners-Lee, Christian Bizer, Uldis Bojars, Paolo Bouquet, John Brisbin, Gong Cheng, Huajun Chen, Peter Coetzee, Daniele Cordioli, Anne Cregan, Richard Cyganiak, Ian Dickinson, Weiyi Ge, Frederick Giasson, Hugh Glaser, Wolfgang Halb, Bernhard Haslhofer, Tuukka Hastrup, Michael Hausenblas, Tom Heath, Kingsley Idehen, Afraz Jaffri, Graham Klyne, Georgi Kobilarov, Philippe Laublet, Jianqiang Li, Ian Millard, Paul Miller, Enrico Motta, Alexandre Passant, David Peterson, Yuzhong Qu, Yves Raimond, Mark Sandler, Bernhard Schandl, mc schraefel, Francois-Paul Servant, Nadeem Shabir, David Shotton, Heiko Stoermer, Rob Styles, Christopher Sutton, Giovanni Tummarello, Honghan Wu, Chengli Xu, Jun Zhao, Yu Zhao, Chunying Zhou

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