XML Source Data Validator

Upload an XML file for validation against the SWDF source data schemata. Please note this service will only help you to decide whether or not your source data is valid. If you want it included on SWDF, you still need to send us an email with your source data attached.

The following are the Relax NG files used for validation (these might change over time):

Schema Purpose
swc_config.rng This schema defines how a config XML file must look like. The config file for an event contains general metadata about the event, chairs, as well as data on sub-events like tutorials or panels.
swc_data.rng This schema defines how a data XML file for an event must look like. The data file contains the all submissions for the event, as well as the programme committee. The schema is modelled after the (pay-for) XML output of the EasyChair submission system.
swc_person.rng This is a sub-schema that describes how person resources are to be described.
http_uri.rng Just a simple regex to match http and https URIs.
email.rng Another simple regex, to match ordinary email addresses.

Type of file:
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