Veli Bicer

Affiliation: FZI, Germany (at ESWC2011)
Affiliation: IBM Research (at ESWC2014, ISWC2012, ISWC2013)

The following publications of Veli Bicer are available:

We also know of the following roles that Veli Bicer played:

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Email Hash: db5829ead63206bafc5c15a7a89a25508f8c37a2
Email Hash: 7606e0abc2772f43ae5c0d0264160bfe8a22acc3
Email Hash: d9fc2bbc53a459255c6d1db7668322ddda36b818
Email Hash: 3dbac1565be756c4794d23b2d379a694df56455c

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