Amit P. Sheth

Affiliation: Wright State University (at EKAW2012, ESWC2008, ESWC2011, ESWC2012, ESWC2013, ESWC2014, ESWC2015, ISWC2008, ISWC2009, ISWC2010, ISWC2013, LISC2011, OBI2008, WWW2007, WWW2011, WWW2012)
Affiliation: University of Georgia (at ISWC2002, ISWC2003, ISWC2005, ISWC2006, SWWS2001)
Affiliation: Semagix (at ISWC2005)
Affiliation: Kno.e.sis, Wright State University (at ISWC2012)
Affiliation: Taalee Inc (at SWWS2001)

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