GovWILD: Integrating Open Government Data for Transparency

Presented at: 21st International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2012)

by Christoph Böhm, Michael Schmidt, Markus Freitag, Arvid Heise, Claudia Lehmann, Andrina Mascher, Felix Naumann, Mauricio Hernandez, Vuk Ercegovac, Peter Haase

Many government organizations publish a variety of data on the web to enable transparency, foster applications, and to satisfy legal obligations. Data content, format, structure, and quality vary widely, even in cases where the data is published using the wide-spread linked data principles. Yet within this data and their integration lies much value: We demonstrate GovWILD, a web-based prototype that integrates and cleanses Open Government Data at a large scale. Apart from the web-based interface that presents a use case of the created dataset at, we provide all integrated data as a download. This data can be used to answer questions about politicians, companies, and government funding.

Keywords: Data Cleansing, Data Quality, Government Data, Information Integration, Linked Data, Linked Open Data

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