Adding Wings to Red Bull Media: Search and Display semantically enhanced Video Fragments

Presented at: 21st International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2012)

by Thomas Kurz, Sebastian Schaffert, Manuel Fernandez, Georg G√ľntner

The Linked Data movement with the aims of publishing and interconnecting machine readable data has originated in the last decade. Although the set of (open) data sources is rapidly growing, the integration of multimedia in this Web of Data is still at a very early stage. This paper describes, how arbitrary video content and metadata can be processed to identify meaningful linking partners for video fragments - and thus create a web of linked media. The video test-set for our demonstrator is part of the Red Bull Content Pool and confined to the Cliff Diving domain. The candidate set of possible link targets is a combination of a Red Bull thesaurus, information about divers from and concepts from DBPedia. The demo includes both a semantic search on videos and video fragments and a player for videos with semantic enhancements.

Keywords: Linked Media Player, Media Fragments, Semantic Video Search

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