OntoWiki Mobile - Knowledge Management in Your Pocket

Presented at: 20th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2011)

by Timofey Ermilov, Norman Heino, Sören Auer

Webpage: http://wwwconference.org/www2011/proceeding/companion/p33.pdf

As comparatively powerful mobile computing devices become more common, mobile web applications have started gaining in popularity. Such mobile web applications as Google Mail or Calendar are already in everyday use of millions of people. Some first examples of these applications use Semantic Web technologies and information in the form of RDF (e.g. TripIt). An important feature of these applications is their ability to provide offline functionality with local updates for later synchronization with a web server. The key problem to this is the reconciliation, i.e. the problem of potentially conflicting updates from disconnected clients. In this paper we present an approach for a mobile semantic collaboration platform based on the OntoWiki framework. It allows users to collect instance data and refine the structure knowledge bases on the go. A crucial part of OntoWiki Mobile is the advanced conflict resolution for RDF stores. The approach is based on the EvoPat method for data evolution and ontology refactoring.

OntoWiki Mobile - Knowledge Management in Your Pocket was presented at this event.

Keywords: World Wide Web

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