Retaining Personal Expression for Social Search

Presented at: 18th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2009)

by Praphul Chandra, Ajay Gupta


Web is being extensively used for personal expression, which includes ratings, reviews, recommendations, blogs. This user created content, e.g. book review on, becomes the property of the website, and the user often does not have easy access to it. In some cases, user's feedback may get averaged with feedback from other users e.g. ratings of a video. We argue that the creator of such content needs to be able to retain (a link to) her created content. We introduce the concept of MEB which is a user controlled store of such retained links. A MEB allows a user to access/share all the reviews she has given on different websites. With this capability users can allow their friends to search through their feedback. Searching through one's social network allows harnessing the power of social networks where known relationships provide the context & trust necessary to interpret feedback.

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