An Experimental Study of Large-Scale Mobile Social Network

Presented at: 18th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2009)

by Zheng-Bin Dong, Guo-Jie Song, Kun-Qing Xie, Jing-Yao Wang


Mobile social network is a typical social network where one or more individuals of similar interests or commonalities, conversing and connecting with one another using the mobile phone. Our works in this paper focus on the experimental study for this kind of social network with the support of large-scale real mobile call data. The main contributions can be summarized as three-fold: firstly, a large-scale real mobile phone call log of one city has been extracted from a mobile phone carrier in China to construct mobile social network; secondly, common features of traditional social networks, such as power law distribution and small diameter etc, have been experimented, with which we confirm that the mobile social network is a typical scale-free network and has small-world phenomenon; lastly, different from traditional analytical methods, important properties of the actors, such as gender and age, have been introduced into our experiments with some interesting findings about human behavior, for example, the middle-age people are more active than the young and old people, and the female is unusual more active than the male while in the old age.

Keywords: Poster Session

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