Ontology Summarization Based on RDF Sentence Graph

Presented at: 16th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2007)

by Xiang Zhang, Gong Cheng, Yuzhong Qu

Ontology summarization is very important to quick understanding and selection of ontologies. In this paper, we study extractive summarization of ontology, which generates an indicative summary of ontology automatically by extracting a salient part of ontology. We use a notion of RDF sentence as the basic unit of ontology. An RDF Sentence Graph is proposed to characterize the linkage between RDF sentences derived from ontology from the viewpoint of a surfer. The salience of an RDF sentence is assessed in terms of its "centrality" in the graph. We propose to summarize an ontology as a set of salient RDF sentences extracted from the ontology according to a re-ranking strategy. We compare several methods in assessing the salience of RDF sentences and give an overall evaluation of experimented results. Experiments show that the RDF Sentence Graph approach to ontology summarization is feasible.

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