AnQL: SPARQLing up annotated RDF

Presented at: 9th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2010)

by Nuno Lopes, Axel Polleres, Umberto Straccia, Antoine Zimmermann


Starting from the general framework for annotated RDF(S) which we have presented in previous work, we address the development of a query language - AnQL - that is inspired by SPARQL, including several features of SPARQL 1.1. As a side effect we propose formal definitions of the semantics of these features (subqueries, aggregates, assignment, solution modifiers) which could serve as a basis for the ongoing work in SPARQL 1.1. We demonstrate the value of such a framework by comparing our approach to previously proposed extensions of SPARQL and show that AnQL generalises and extends them.

Keywords: RDF, SPARQL

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