9th International Semantic Web Conference

Homepage: http://iswc2010.semanticweb.org

The following papers were presented at 9th International Semantic Web Conference (listed alphabetically):
  1. Ontology similarity in the alignment space
  2. Enabling Ontology-based Access to Streaming Data Sources
  3. Summary Models for Routing Keywords to Linked Data Sources
  4. One size does not fit all: Customizing Ontology Alignment Using User Feedback
  5. Justification Oriented Proofs in OWL
  6. Optimizing Enterprise-scale OWL 2 RL Reasoning in a Relational Database System
  7. Assessing Trust in Uncertain Information
  8. Forgetting Fragments from Evolving Ontologies
  9. Measuring the dynamic bi-directional influence between content and social networks
  10. An Expressive and Efficient Solution to the Service Selection Problem
  11. SPARQL Query Optimization on Top of DHTs
  12. Optimize First, Buy Later: Analyzing Metrics to Ramp-up Very Large Knowledge Bases
  13. Linked Data Query Processing Strategies
  14. Enhancing the Open-Domain Classification of Named Entity using Linked Open Data
  15. Query strategy for sequential ontology debugging
  16. Converting and Annotating Quantitative Data Tables
  17. Semantic Need: Guiding Metadata Annotations by Questions People #ask
  18. Evolution of DL-Lite Knowledge Bases
  19. JustBench: A Framework for OWL Benchmarking
  20. Using Semantics for Automating the Authentication of Web APIs
  21. Toponym Resolution in Social Media
  22. Ontology Alignment for Linked Open Data
  23. Towards Semantic Annotation Supported by Dependency Linguistics and ILP
  24. Integrated Metamodeling and Diagnosis in OWL 2
  25. ORE - A Tool for Repairing and Enriching Knowledge Bases
  26. Supporting Natural Language Processing with Background Knowledge: Coreference Resolution Case
  27. EvoPat - Pattern-Based Evolution and Refactoring of RDF Knowledge Bases
  28. A Self-Policing Policy Language
  29. Linkage of Heterogeneous Knowledge Resources within In-store Dialogue Interaction
  30. Semantic Recognition of Ontology Refactoring
  31. How to Reuse a Faceted Classification and Put it on the Semantic Web
  32. OWL-POLAR: Semantic Policies for Agent Reasoning
  33. When owl:sameAs isn't the Same: An Analysis of Identity in Linked Data
  34. Completeness Guarantees for Incomplete Reasoners
  35. Combining Approximation and Relaxation in SemanticWeb Path Queries
  36. SPARQL Beyond Subgraph Matching
  37. Optimising Ontology Classification
  38. Using Reformulation Trees to Optimize Queries over Distributed Heterogeneous Sources
  39. Preference-based Web Service Composition: A Middle Ground Between Execution and Search
  40. SAOR: Template Rule Optimisations for Distributed Reasoning over 1 Billion Linked Data Triples
  41. Declarative Semantics for the Rule Interchange Format Production Rule Dialect
  42. Deciding Agent Orientation on Ontology Mappings
  43. SameAs Networks and Beyond: Analyzing Deployment Status and Implications of owl:sameAs in Linked Data
  44. Signal/Collect: Graph Algorithms for the (Semantic) Web
  45. Linking and Building Ontologies of Linked Data
  46. Making sense of Twitter
  47. RDFMatView: Indexing RDF Data for SPARQL Queries
  48. A General Approach to Query the Web of Data
  49. I18n of Semantic Web Applications
  50. Knowledge Engineering for Historians on the Example of the Catalogus Professorum Lipsiensis
  51. Towards Technology Structure Mining from Scientific Literature
  52. A Case Study of Linked Enterprise Data
  53. Semantic MediaWiki in Operation: Experiences with Building a Semantic Portal
  54. Semantic Technologies for Enterprise Cloud Management
  55. Enterprise Data Classification using Semantic Web Technologies
  56. Using SPARQL to Test for Lattices: application to quality assurance in biomedical ontologies
  57. Social dynamics in conferences: analyses of data from the Live Social Semantics application
  58. Time-Oriented Question Answering from Clinical Narratives Using Semantic-Web Techniques
  59. Mapping Master: a Flexible Approach for Mapping Spreadsheets to OWL
  60. Using Semantic Web technologies for Clinical Trial Recruitment
  61. Semantic Techniques for Enabling Knowledge Reuse in Conceptual Modelling
  62. ISReal: An Open Platform for Semantic-Based 3D Simulations in the 3D Internet
  63. Will Semantic Web Technologies Work for the Development of ICD-11?
  64. dbrec - Music Recommendations Using DBpedia
  65. Causal Knowledge Modeling for Traditional Chinese Medicine using OWL 2
  66. Experience of Using OWL Ontologies for Automated Inference of Routine Pre-Operative Screening Tests
  67. Fusion - Visually Exploring and Eliciting Relationships in Linked Data
  68. Open Innovation and Semantic Web: Problem Solver Search on Linked Data
  69. Exploiting Relation Extraction for Ontology Alignment
  70. Adding Integrity Constraints to the Semantic Web for Instance Data Evaluation
  71. Extensions of SPARQL towards Heterogeneous Sources and Domain Annotations
  72. Using Multi-Agent Based Middleware to Implement a Distributed Peer-To-Peer Semantic Service Oriented Architecture
  73. Customizing the Composition of Actions, Programs, and Web Services with User Preferences
  74. Towards Semantic Data Mining
  75. Auto-experimentation of KDD Workflows based on Ontological Planning
  76. Parallelization Techniques for Semantic Web Reasoning Applications
  77. Visual Reasoning about Ontologies
  78. MoKi: aWiki-Based Conceptual Modeling Tool
  79. Publishing Bibliographic Data on the Semantic Web using BibBase
  80. Visualizing Populated Ontologies with OntoTrix
  81. Semantic-based Complex Event Processing in the AAL Domain
  82. BRAMBLE: A Web-based Framework for Interactive RDF-Graph Visualisation
  83. Efficient processing of large RDF streams using memory management algorithms
  84. A web-based Evaluation Service for Ontology Matching
  85. SemWebVid - Making Video a First Class Semantic Web Citizen and a First Class Web Bourgeois
  86. Text Based Similarity Metrics and Deltas for Semantic Web Graphs
  87. RExplorator - supporting reusable explorations of Semantic Web Linked Data
  88. Generating RDF for Application Testing
  89. Towards Stable Semantic Ontology Measurement
  90. Enterprise Data Classification Using Semantic Web Technologies
  91. Semantic-based Mobile Mashup Platform
  92. A SILK Graphical UI for Defeasible Reasoning, with a Biology Causal Process Example
  93. Semantics for music researchers: How country is my country?
  94. RDOTE - Transforming Relational Databases into Semantic Web Data
  95. The eCloudManager Intelligence Edition Semantic Technologies for Enterprise Cloud Management
  96. T2LD: Interpreting and Representing Tables as Linked Data
  97. WSML2Reasoner - A Comprehensive Reasoning Framework for the Semantic Web
  98. Linked data from your pocket: The Android RDFContentProvider
  99. LDSpider: An open-source crawling framework for the Web of Linked Data
  100. Demo: Enriching Text with RDF/OWL Encoded Senses
  101. 4sr - Scalable Decentralized RDFS Backward Chained Reasoning
  102. RightField: Embedding Ontology Term Selection into Spreadsheets for the Annotation of Biological Data
  103. A Graphical Evaluation Tool for Semantic Web Service Matchmaking
  104. WebProtege: Supporting the Creation of ICD-11
  105. RDF On the Go: An RDF Storage and Query Processor for Mobile Devices
  106. Using the Annotation Ontology in Semantic Digital Libraries
  107. Semantic Web Technologies for a Smart Energy Grid: Requirements and Challenges
  108. Towards Linked Data Services
  109. A Graph-based Approach to Indexing Semantic Web Data
  110. AnQL: SPARQLing up annotated RDF
  111. xhRank: Ranking Entities on the Semantic Web
  112. Extending SMW+ with a Linked Data Integration Framework
  113. Learning Co-reference Relations for FOAF Instances
  114. Building Linked Data Applications with Fusion: A Visual Interface for Exploration and Mapping
  115. SPARQL Views: A Visual SPARQL Query Builder for Drupal
  116. Silk - Generating RDF Links while publishing or consuming Linked Data
  117. Hybrid Graph based Keyword Query Interpretation on RDF
  118. The Polish interface for Linked Open Data
  119. HANNE - A Holistic Application for Navigational Knowledge Engineering
  120. STEREO: a SaT-based tool for an optimal solution of the sERvice selEctiOn problem
  121. Automated Mapping Generation for Converting Databases into Linked Data
  122. Avalanche: Putting the Spirit of the Web back into Semantic Web Querying
  123. A Semantic Web Repository for Managing and Querying Aligned Knowledge
  124. The Catalogus Professorum Lipsiensis - Semantics-based Collaboration and Exploration for Historians
  125. Displaying email-related contextual information using Contextify
  126. Ontology Mapping Neural Network: An Approach to Learning and Inferring Correspondences among Ontologies
  127. KiWi - A Platform for building Semantic Social Media Applications
  128. Lily-LOM: An Efficient System for Matching Large Ontologies with Non-Partitioned Method
  129. Toward Seoul Road Sign Management on the LarKC Platform
  130. Semantic Media Asset Management: playence Media
  131. Self-Service Development of Linked Data Applications with the Information Workbench
  132. From Knowledge Capture to Semantic Applications: The Evolution of Semantic MediaWiki
  133. Enhancing the BBC's World Cup coverage with an ontology driven information architecture
  134. K-Spend: Semantic Web Technologies for Spend Analysis
  135. Intelligent Decision Automation on an Event Driven Semantic Platform
  136. Building the Inform Semantic Publishing Ecosystem: from Author to Audience
  137. A Feature and Information Theoretic Framework for Semantic Similarity and Relatedness
  138. Compact Representation of Large RDF Data Sets for Publishing and Exchange
  139. EL with Default Attributes and Overriding
  140. Representing and Querying Validity Time in RDF and OWL: A Logic-Based Approach
  141. Finding the Achilles Heel of the Web of Data: using network analysis for link-recommendation
  142. Talking about Data: Sharing Richly Structured Information through Blogs and Wikis
  143. The Open Graph Protocol Design Decisions
  144. Advanced Evaluation of Web Search - Methodology and Technology
  145. Semantic Technology at The New York Times: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
  146. What does It Look Like, Really? Imagining how Citizens might Effectively, Usefully and Easily Find, Explore, Query and Re-present Open/Linked Data
  147. Applications at the heart of a new Publishing Ecosystem

The following people were involved in 9th International Semantic Web Conference: Jans Aasman, Alessandro Adamou, Sudhir Agarwal, Harith Alani, Paul R. Alexander, Jose Julio Alferes, Guillermo Alvaro, Jose Luis Ambite, Carl Andersen, Melliyal Annamalai, Kemafor Anyanwu, Knarig Arabshian, Carlos Buil Aranda, Samur Araujo, Marcelo Arenas, Matthias Assel, Mark van Assem, Soeren Auer, Finn Bacall, Benjamin Bach, Samantha Bail, Mark Baker, Jie Bao, Alain Barrat, Cosmin Basca, Sujoy Basu, Sean Bechhofer, Christian Becker, Dave Beckett, Elena Beisswanger, David Ben-David, Michael Benedikt, Edward Benson, Brett Benyo, Abraham Bernstein, Daniel Bertinshaw, Paolo Besana, Meghyn Bienvenu, Christian Bizer, Eva Blomqvist, Daniel Blum, Olivier Bodenreider, Piero Bonatti, Blai Bonet, Kalina Bontcheva, Elena Botoeva, Matt-Mouley Bouamrane, Annabel Bourde, Bert Bredeweg, Boyan Brodaric, Wouter Van den Broeck, Jos de Bruijn, Volha Bryl, Lorenz Buhmann, Paul Buitelaar, Catherina Burghart, Anita Burgun, Mark Burstein, Tobias Bürger, Jean Paul Calbimonte, Diego Calvanese, Les Carr, Roger Castillo, Alexander Garcia Castro, Leyla Jael Garcia Castro, Ciro Cattuto, Sam Chapman, Vinay Chaudhri, Enhong Chen, Gong Cheng, Huajun Chen, Jian Chen, Junquan Chen, Alexey Cheptsov, Donghyun Choi, Key Sun Choi, Alexandros Chortaras, Christopher G. Chute, Philipp Cimiano, Fabio Ciravegna, Kendall Clark, Lin Clark, Marcelo Cohen, Sara Cohen, William W. Cohen, Maria Copeland, Oscar Corcho, Gianluca Correndo, Melanie Courtot, Tim Crawford, Isabel Cruz, Bernardo Cuenca-Grau, Marc Cuggia, Mathieu d'Aquin, Enrico Daga, Lorand Dali, Carlos Viegas Damasio, Claudia Damato, Jerome David, John Davies, Brian Davis, Mike Dean, Stefan Decker, Jan Dedek, Renaud Delbru, Alexander Deleon, Ian Dickinson, Li Ding, Ying Ding, Zhongli Ding, Leigh Dodds, Tamar Domany, John Domingue, Paul Doran, Laura Dragan, Songyun Duan, Bob DuCharme, Fang Du, Jianfeng Du, Alistair Duke, Liang Du, Michel Dumontier, Xiaoyong Du, George Eadon, Andreas Eberhart, Thomas Eiter, Basil Ell, Robert H. P. Engels, Michael Erdmann, Jerome Euzenat, Marco Faella, Sean M. Falconer, Jun Fang, Nicola Fanizzi, William Ferguson, Javier D. Fernandez, Sebastien Ferre, Ben Fields, Andreas Filler, Tim Finin, Giorgos Flouris, Achille Fokoue, Björn Forcher, Blaz Fortuna, Enrico Franconi, Gerhard Friedrich, Christian Fritz, Aldo Gangemi, Zhiqiang Gao, Andres Garcia-Silva, Jorge Garcia, Nikesh Garera, Paul Gearon, Chiara Ghidini, Nicholas Gibbins, Nick Gibbins, Yolanda Gil, Olga X. Giraldo, Claudio Giuliano, Hugh Glaser, Birte Glimm, Carole Goble, Stefan Gradmann, Alasdair J. G. Gray, Mark Greaves, Stephan Grimm, Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes, Marko Grobelnik, Theofanis K Grollios, Gerd Groner, Benjamin Grosof, Paul Groth, Tudor Groza, Michael Gruninger, Szabolcs Grunwald, Christophe Gueret, Peiqin Gu, Claudio Gutierrez, Volker Haarslev, Peter Haase, Jinan El Hachem, Christian Hachenberg, Marc Hadfield, Austin Hagen, Christian Halaschek-Wiener, Harry Halpin, Dingyi Han, Siegfried Handschuh, Hans Joerg Happel, Frank van Harmelen, Steve Harris, Andreas Harth, Olaf Hartig, Oktie Hassanzadeh, Michael Hausenblas, Manfred Hauswirth, Sandro Hawke, Patrick J. Hayes, Tom Heath, Jeff Heflin, Norman Heino, Jing He, Sebastian Hellmann, Nicola Henze, Martin Hepp, Ivan Herman, Nathalie Hernandez, Daniel M Herzig, Xin He, Stijn Heymans, Jan Hidders, Daniel Hienert, Kaoru Hiramatsu, Pascal Hitzler, Rinke Hoekstra, Aidan Hogan, Thomas Hornung, Matthew Horridge, Ian Horrocks, Andreas Hotho, Geert-Jan Houben, Fabian Howahl, John Howse, Julia Hoxha, Zhisheng Huang, Bo Hu, Jane Hunter, Martin Hurrell, Wei Hu, David François Huynh, Gearoid Hynes, Eero Hyvonen, Renato Iannella, Ryutaro Ichise, Daniela Inclezan, Neil Ireson, Robert Isele, Daniel Izquierdo, Prateek Jain, Max Jakob, Krzysztof Janowicz, Sabine Janzen, Nicholas R. Jennings, Anja Jentzsch, Zhi Jin, Clement Jonquet, Anupam Joshi, Martin Junghans, Hassan Ait Kaci, Lalana Kagal, Aditya Kalyanpur, Murat Kantarcioglu, Zoi Kaoudi, Patrick Kapahnke, David Karger, Jay Katzen, Kamal Kc, Anastasios Kementsietsidis, Vaibhav Khadilkar, Latifur Khan, Evgeny Kharlamov, Malte Kiesel, Jörg-Uwe Kietz, Eun Kyung Kim, Atanas Kiryakov, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Pavel Klinov, Matthias Klusch, Craig A. Knoblock, Vladimir Kolovski, Roman Kontchakov, Manolis Koubarakis, Tobias Kowatsch, Kouji Kozaki, Beate Krause, Olga Krebs, Thomas Krennwallner, Markus Kroetzsch, Reto Krummenacher, Thomas Kurz, Kostis Kyzirakos, Günter Ladwig, Ulrich Lampe, David Laniado, Ora Lassila, Georg Lausen, Faith Lawrence, Danh Le-Phuoc, Gregor Leban, Tony Lee, Gennady Legostaev, Jens Lehmann, Joao Leite, Maurizio Lenzerini, Paea Lependu, Pascal Liedtke, Jochem Liem, Juanzi Li, Feiyu Lin, Haishan Liu, Shengping Liu, Xin Liu, Ying Liu, Xuan Li, Yingjie Li, Yuan Fang Li, Nuno Lopes, Esther Lozano, Maxim Lukichev, Sen Luo, Wolfgang Maass, Frederick Maier, Theofilos Mailis, Maria Maleshkova, Li Ma, Nor Azlinayati Abdul Manaf, Ming Mao, Adam Marcus, Adrian Marte, Ivan Martinez, Michael Martin, Tobias Mathass, Philippe Cudre Mauroux, Yinglong Ma, Diana Maynard, Philipp Mayr, Yue Ma, James P. McCusker, James P. Mcglothlin, Deborah L. Mcguinness, Sheila A. Mcilraith, Anees Ul Mehdi, Pankaj Mehra, Michael Meier, Jing Mei, Christian Meilicke, Paul-Andre Mellies, Pablo Mendes, Peter Mika, Eleni Mikroyannidi, Renee J. Miller, Pericles A. Mitkas, Riichiro Mizoguchi, Dunja Mladenic, Knud Moeller, Paola Monachesi, Ulf Morgenstern, Boris Motik, Enrico Motta, Fleur Mougin, Varish Mulwad, Paul Munro, Mariano Rodriguez Muro, William Murray, Mark A. Musen, Wolfgang Müller, Bart J. Nagel, Wolfgang Nejdl, Stefan Nesbigall, Mathias Niepert, Zhi Nie, Nadejda Nikitina, Andriy Nikolov, Lyndon Nixon, Yuan Ni, Timothy J. Norman, Vit Novacek, Natalya F. Noy, Werner Nutt, Andrea Nuzzolese, Csongor Nyulas, Martin J. Oconnor, Chimezie Ogbuji, Ian Oliver, Silver Oliver, Daniel Olmedilla, Gianni Oneill, Jasmin Opitz, Magdalena Ortiz, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Stuart Owen, Heather S. Packer, Kevin R. Page, Raul Palma, Ignazio Palmisano, Jeff Z. Pan, Yue Pan, Stanley Park, Josiane Xavier Parreira, Fernando Silva Parreiras, Bijan Parsia, Rahul Parundekar, Alexandre Passant, Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Chintan Patel, Terry R. Payne, Carlos Pedrinaci, Rafael Penaloza, Yefei Peng, Zhipeng Peng, Asuncion Gomez Perez, Jorge Perez, Emmanuel Pietriga, Giuseppe Pirro, Aleksander Pohl, Simeon Polfliet, Axel Polleres, Alexandra Poulovassilis, Alun Preece, Miguel A. Martinez Prieto, Freddy Priyatna, Eric Prud'hommeaux, Joerg Puehrer, Behrang Qasemizadeh, Guilin Qi, Zhaoming Qiu, Yuzhong Qu, Mihai Radulescu, Yves Raimond, Anand Ranganathan, Jinghai Rao, Alan Rector, Timothy Redmond, Yuan Ren, Achim Rettinger, Vinny Reynolds, Thomas Riechert, Christoph Riess, Hajo Rijgersberg, Ismael Rivera, Benedicto Rodriguez-Castro, Riccardo Rosati, Marco Rospocher, David C. De Roure, Sebastian Rudolph, Delia Rusu, Dmitry Ryashchentsev, Marta Sabou, Satya S. Sahoo, Manuel Salvadores, Evan Sandhaus, Ulrike Sattler, Luigi Sauro, Guergana K. Savova, Sebastian Schaffert, Ansgar Scherp, Anne Schlicht, Stefan Schlobach, Florian Schmedding, Michael Schmidt, Nikolas Schmitt, Thomas Schneider, mc schraefel, Guus Schreiber, Stefan Schulte, Daniel Schwabe, Andy Seaborne, Murat Sensoy, Luciano Serafini, Floarea Serban, Nigel Shadbolt, Nigam H. Shah, Zhenning Shangguan, Richard Shapiro, Deepak K. Sharma, Kostyantyn Shchekotykhin, Rob Shearer, Wei Shen, Yi Dong Shen, Amit P. Sheth, Fuming Shih, Joshua Shinavier, Pavel Shvaiko, Melanie Siebenhaar, Andrey Simanovsky, Mantas Simkus, Elena Simperl, Michael Sintek, Rolf Sint, Katharina Siorpaes, Evren Sirin, Sergej Sizov, Jennifer Sleeman, Jacky Snoep, Shirin Sohrabi, Harold R. Solbrig, Sebastian Speiser, Kavitha Srinivas, Mudhakar Srivatsa, Steffen Staab, Tadej Stajner, Giorgos Stamou, Milan Stankovic, Gem Stapleton, Thomas Steiner, Ralf Steinmetz, Susie Stephens, Robert Stevens, Giorgos Stoilos, Nenad Stojanovic, Umberto Straccia, Cosmin Stroe, Stephanie Stroka, Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Rudi Studer, Philip Stutz, Mari Carmen Suarez-Figueroa, V.S. Subrahmanian, Kewu Sun, Xiaoping Sun, Xingzhi Sun, York Sure, Vojtech Svatek, Glenn Svensson, Katia Sycara, Zareen Syed, Martin Szomszor, Hideaki Takeda, Valentina Tamma, Jie Tang, Cui Tao, Jiao Tao, Abigail Tarem, Jamie Taylor, Boris Villazon Terrazas, Vinhtuan Thai, Christopher Thomas, Henry S. Thompson, Christer Thorn, Bhavani Thuraisingham, Yuan Tian, Jan Top, Andraz Tori, Sebastian Tramp, Duc Thanh Tran, Lieven Trappeniers, Despoina Trivela, Michal Trna, Cassia Trojahn, Eleni Tsalapati, Dmitry Tsarkov, Tania Tudorache, Anni Yasmin Turhan, Kateryna Tymoshenko, Octavian Udrea, Alexander Ulanov, Jürgen Umbrich, Joerg Unbehauen, Michael Uschold, Emanuele Della Valle, Wamberto W Vasconcelos, Natalia Vassilieva, Konstantinos N. Vavliakis, Tassos Venetis, Kunal Verma, Maria Esther Vidal, Krishnamurthy Koduvayur Viswanathan, Johanna Volker, Denny Vrandecic, Holger Wache, Andreas Wagner, Ulrich Walther, Bo Wang, Chen Wang, Haixun Wang, Haofen Wang, Jesse (Jiaxin) Wang, Lei Wang, Peng Wang, Shenghui Wang, Xiaoyuan Wang, Zhe Wang, Zhichun Wang, Stefan Warwas, Matthias Weidl, Fang Wei, Wei-Qi Wei, Jan Wielemaker, Mari Wigham, Max Wilson, Daniel Winkler, Jens Wissmann, Peter Wolf, Katy Wolstencroft, David Wood, Peter T. Wood, Gang Wu, Kejia Wu, Zhe Wu, Li Xiaoming, Reynold S. Xin, Chenyan Xiong, Bin Xu, Gui Rong Xue, Kaifeng Xu, Lin Hao Xu, Yongchun Xu, Fangkai Yang, Yang Yang, Yixin Yan, Peter Z. Yeh, Rob Young, Yong Yu, Ondrej Svab Zamazal, Benjamin Zapilko, Maciej Zaremba, Amrapali J. Zaveri, Oussama Zekri, Guo-Qiang Zhang, Lei Zhang, Lei Zhang, Ming Zhang, Xiao Zhang, Minghua Zhao, Yuting Zhao, Dmitriy Zheleznyakov, Hai Tao Zheng, Qian Zhong, Hai Zhuge, Antoine Zimmermann, Ming Zuo

The following workshops took place at 9th International Semantic Web Conference: