Tetherless World Mobile Wine Agent: An Application for Semantics on Mobile Devices

Presented at: 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2009)

by Evan Patton, Deborah McGuinness

Webpage: http://kcap09.stanford.edu/share/posterDemos/170/index.html
Webpage: http://kcap09.stanford.edu/share/posterDemos/170/paper170.pdf
Webpage: https://github.com/lidingpku/iswc-archive/raw/master/paper/iswc-2009-poster/170/paper170.pdf

The Tetherless World Mobile Wine Agent integrates semantics, geolocation, and social networking on a low-power, mobile platform to provide a unique food and wine recommender system. It provides a robust user interface that allows users to describe a wealth of information about foods and wines as OWL classes and instances and it allows users to share these descriptions with their friends via custom URIs. This demonstration will examine how the user interface simplifies generating RDF data, how location services such as GPS can simplify reasoning (reducing the ABox due to context-sensitive information), and how users of the Mobile Wine Agent can utilize social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter to share content with others over the World Wide Web.

Keywords: Semantic Web

Resource URI on the dog food server: http://data.semanticweb.org/conference/iswc/2009/paper/poster_demo/170

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