SIOOS: Semantically-driven Integration of Ocean Observing Systems

Presented at: 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2009)

by Mark Cameron, Jemma Wu, Kerry Taylor, David Ratcliffe, Goeffrey Squire


The diversity and heterogeneity of ocean observing systems obstructs the information flow needed to fully realise the benefits. SIOOS is a prototype for semantically-driven integration of ocean observation systems. SIOOS is built upon our Semantic Service Architecture platform, making rich use of complex ontologies and ontology-to-resource mappings to offer a flexible, semantically-driven integration environment. The SIOOS prototype draws on a federation of autonomous web and sensor observation services from the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS). In this demonstration, we will use typical information management scenarios drawn from the ocean observation community to highlight major features of the SIOOS and show how these features address some of the challenges faced by the IOOS community.

Keywords: Semantic Web

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