Lifting events in RDF from interactions with annotated Web pages

Presented at: 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2009)

by Roland St├╝hmer, Darko Anicic, Sinan Sen, Jun Ma, Kay-Uwe Schmidt


In this paper we present a method and an implementation for creating and processing semantic events from interaction with Web pages which opens possibilities to build event-driven applications for the (Semantic) Web. Events, simple or complex, are models for things that happen e.g., when a user interacts with a Web page. Events are consumed in some meaningful way e.g., for monitoring reasons or to trigger actions such as responses. In order for receiving parties to understand events e.g., comprehend what has led to an event, we propose a general event schema using RDFS. In this schema we cover the composition of complex events and event-to-event relationships. These events can then be used to route semantic information about an occurrence to different recipients helping in making the Semantic Web active. Additionally, we present an architecture for detecting and composing events in Web clients. For the contents of events we show a way of how they are enriched with semantic information about the context in which they occurred. The paper is presented in conjunction with the use case of Semantic Advertising, which extends traditional clickstream analysis by introducing semantic short-term profiling, enabling discovery of the current interest of a Web user and therefore supporting advertisement providers in responding with more relevant advertisements.

Keywords: Semantic Web

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