Using Hybrid Search and Query for E-discovery

Presented at: 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2009)

by Dave Grosvenor, Andy Seaborne


We investigated the use of a hybrid search and query for locating enterprise data relevant to a requesting party’s legal case (e-discovery identification). We extended the query capabilities of SPARQL with search capabilities to provide integrated access to structured, semi-structured and unstructured data sources. Every data source in the enterprise is potentially within the scope of e-discovery identification. So we use some common enterprise structured data sources that provide product and organizational information to guide the search and restrict it to a manageable scale. We use hybrid search and query to conduct a rich high-level search, which identifies the key people and products to coarsely locate relevant data-sources. Furthermore the product and organizational data sources are also used to increase recall which is a key requirement for e-discovery Identification.

Keywords: Semantic Web

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