Reasoning about Resources and Hierarchical Tasks Using OWL and SWRL

Presented at: 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2009)

by Daniel Elenius, David Martin, Reginald Ford, Grit Denker


Military training and testing events are highly complex affairs, potentially involving dozens of legacy systems that need to interoperate in a meaningful way. There are superficial interoperability concerns (such as two systems not sharing the same messaging formats), but also substantive problems such as different systems not sharing the same understanding of the terrain, positions of entities, and so forth. We describe our approach to facilitating such events: describe the systems and requirements in great detail using ontologies, and use automated reasoning to automatically find and help resolve problems. The complexity of our problem took us to the limits of what one can do with OWL, and we needed to introduce some innovative techniques of using and extending it. We describe our novel ways of using SWRL and discuss its limitations as well as extensions to it that we found necessary or desirable. Another innovation is our representation of hierarchical tasks in OWL, and an engine that reasons about them. Our task ontology has proved to be a very flexible and expressive framework to describe requirements on resources and their capabilities in order to achieve some purpose.

Keywords: Semantic Web

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