Towards Social Webtops Using Semantic Wiki

Presented at: 7th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2008)

by Jie Bao, Li Ding, Deborah McGuinness, James Hendler


The fast-growing Web 2.0 applications promote explicit so- cial structure and explosive data on the Web, and enable the realization of social webtops, where users use web ap- plications to collaboratively organize and share online data. In this work, we show that semantic wiki technologies are suitable for building a social webtop. We also identify two key issues in realizing social webtop applications on seman- tic wiki and present our initial investigation with live demos: (i) popular concept modeling mechanisms used by webtop applications can be supported by semantic wiki; and (ii) provenance-aware data personalization mechanisms can be added as semantic wiki extensions to better support collab- orative data management on a webtop.

Keywords: Concept Modeling, Semantic Wiki, Webtop

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