The Forth International Semantic Web Conference


The following papers were presented at The Forth International Semantic Web Conference (listed alphabetically):
  1. Knowledge Modeling for Integrating Semantic Web Services in E-Government Applications
  2. Re-use and alignment of ontologies: the art-E-fact ontology as an extension of the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model(CRM)
  3. Applying Belief Change to Ontology Evolution
  4. Semantic Web as a Platform for Distributing Cognition
  5. Reducing the Complexity of Semantic Data Translation
  6. Semantically Enriching Access Control Rules for Web Services
  7. Representing Discrete-Event Simulation Models with the Web Ontology Language - OWL
  8. A Prototype for Integrated ENUM and FOAF Queries
  9. A topic hierarchy on the web
  10. AKSIO - An application of Semantic Web technology for knowledge management in the petroleum industry
  11. An Opportunistic Approach to Adding Value to a Photograph Collection
  12. Annodex-ing Broadcast TV News for Semantic Browsing and
  13. ASG - Adaptive Services Grid
  14. Black Box Debugging of Unsatisfiable Classes
  15. Building up RDF and RDFS Descriptions with Meta-Model Management
  16. Class-Based OWL Ontology Visualization and Editor
  17. Complex Path Queries for RDF Graphs
  18. Composing Semantic Web Services with OWL-S for Location-Based Services
  19. Creating a National Content and Service Infrastructure
  20. DLVEX: Dealing with Semantic Web under Answer-Set Programming
  21. eCHASE: Exploiting Cultural Heritage using the Semantic Web
  22. eClassOWL: A Fully Fledged Products and Services Ontology in OWL
  23. Enhanced Presence Tracking for Mobile Applications
  24. Facilitating Ontology Reuse with Onthology
  25. FilmTrust: Movie Recommendations from Semantic Web-based Social Networks
  26. FOAM - A Framework for Ontology Alignment and Mapping
  27. Generalizing precision and recall for evaluating ontology matching
  28. Hozo: an Ontology Development Environment -Treatment of “Role Concept” and Dependency Management -
  29. IASON - A Semantic Mobile Environment
  30. Approaches to Integrating Semantic Applications
  31. iRDQL - Imprecise Queries Using Similarity Joins for Retrieval in Ontologies
  32. KAON2 —A Scalable Reasoning Tool for the SemanticWeb
  33. KMIR – An ontology-based Framework for the successful Introduction of Knowledge Management
  34. Knowledge web: leveraging the European effort for realizing the semantic web
  35. LabelTranslator: Multilingualism in Ontologies
  36. Logical and Probabilistic Reasoning for Genomic Rearrangement Detection
  37. Managing Information Quality in e-Science with Semantic Web Technology
  38. MICISO: Towards High Performance Ontology Learning
  39. Modularizing OWL Ontologies
  40. Next Generation Multimedia Devices and the Semantic Web
  41. NLP-DL: A KR System for Coupling Nonmonotonic Logic Programs with Description Logics
  42. OntoFarm: Towards an Experimental Collection of Parallel Ontologies
  43. Ontologies for Tracking Ubiquitous Interest
  44. Ontology Mapping to support multilingual ontology-based question answering
  45. Ontology Versioning Support: The DIONE Project
  46. OWL-SF -- Distributed OWL-based Reasoning on Objects in the Real World
  47. Personal Digital Librarian: An Adaptive System and Framework using Semantic Web Technologies
  48. PhotoStuff – An Image Annotation Tool for the Semantic Web
  49. Radiant: A tool for semantic annotation of Web Services
  50. RDF Gravity ++: Tool for Authoring and Visualization of Semantic Web Ontologies, Schemas and Repositories
  51. RDFReactor – From Ontologies to Programmatic Data Access
  52. Realising the Vision of the Semantic Grid for Computational Land-Use Modelling
  53. ReTAX++: a Tool for Browsing and Revising Ontologies
  54. S-Cube: A Semantic-based Middleware System for Context-Aware Services
  55. Search on TAP User Evaluation & Demonstration
  56. Searching Web Resource Collections Using Multiple Ontologies
  57. SEKT - Semantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies
  58. Semantic Knowledge Sharing
  59. Semantic Synchronization: Producing Effective Reminiscence Videos
  60. Semantic Wiki as an Integrated Content and Metadata Management System
  61. Semantic Yellow Pages Service Discovery: The Veturi Portal
  62. Semantic-based Service Discovery on mobile Devices
  63. Semantically Enabled Contextually Aware Pervasive Computing Environments
  64. Semantics-based Publication Management using RSS and FOAF
  65. - A Collaborative Portal for the Semantic Web Community
  66. SemMF: A Framework for Calculating Semantic Similarity of Objects Represented as RDF Graphs
  67. SKOS Core: A language to describe simple knowledge structures for the web
  68. Squirrel: The SEKT project Search and Browse Tool
  69. SweetProlog: A System to Integrate Ontologies and Rules
  70. Swoop: A Web Ontology Engineering Framework
  71. Task Selection of OWL-S Services During HTN Planning
  72. Testing the Inferability of RDF-Data for Secure Partial Encryption
  73. The DIP project: semantic web services systems and solutions for processing digital data
  74. The Protégé Ontoling Plugin: Linguistic Enrichment of Ontologies in the Semantic Web
  75. The SCREECH OWL reasoner - Scalable approximate ABox reasoning for OWL
  76. The TriQL.P Trust Policies Enabled SemanticWeb Browser
  77. Toward Task Ontology-based Modeling for Mobile Phone Users' Activity
  78. Towards Browsing Distant Metadata with Semantic Signature
  79. Tracking RDF Graph Provenance using RDF Molecules
  80. Trading Services in Ontology-driven Markets
  81. User Awareness and Personalization in Semantic Portals
  82. Using Semantic Web Technologies to Support Enhanced Situational Awareness
  83. Value-Added Services enabling Semantic Web Technologies for SMEs
  84. VDR-DEVICE: A Visual Editor for a Defeasible Logic RuleML-compatible Rule Language
  85. Virtual Metadata Catalogs: Augmenting Existing Metadata Catalogs with Semantic Representations
  86. A Bayesian Network Approach to Ontology Mapping
  87. A Framework for Handling Inconsistency in Changing Ontologies
  88. A General Diagnosis Method for Ontologies
  89. A Large Scale Taxonomy Mapping Evaluation
  90. A Little Semantic Web Goes a Long Way in Biology
  91. A Method to Combine Linguistic Ontology-Mapping Techniques
  92. An Application of Semantic Web Technologies to Situation Awareness
  93. An Ontological Framework for Dynamic Coordination
  94. A Semantic Search Engine for the International Relation Sector
  95. A Strategy for Automated Meaning Negotiation in Distributed Information Retrieval
  96. A String Metric for Ontology Alignment
  97. A Template-Based Markup Tool for Semantic Web Content
  98. Automated Business-to-Business Integration of a Logistics Supply Chain Using Semantic Web Services Technology
  99. Automatic Evaluation of Ontologies (AEON)
  100. Benchmarking Database Representations of RDF/S Stores
  101. Bootstrapping Ontology Alignment Methods with APFEL
  102. BRAHMS: A WorkBench RDF Store and High Performance Memory System for Semantic Association Discovery
  103. Choreography in IRS-III - Coping with Heterogeneous Interaction Patterns in Web Services
  104. Combining RDF and Part of OWL with Rules: Semantics, Decidability, Complexity
  105. CONFOTO: A Semantic Browsing and Annotation Service for Conference Photos
  106. Constructing Complex Semantic Mappings Between XML Data and Ontologies
  107. Containment and Minimization of RDF/S Query Patterns
  108. Debugging OWL-DL Ontologies: A Heuristic Approach
  109. Decentralized Case-Based Reasoning for the Semantic Web
  110. Definitions Management: A Semantics-Based Approach for Clinical Documentation in Healthcare Delivery
  111. Do Not Use This Gear with a Switching Lever! Automotive Industry Experience with Semantic Guides
  112. DynamicView: Distribution, Evolution and Visualization of Research Areas in Computer Science
  113. Enterprise Architecture Reference Modeling in OWL/RDF
  114. Finding and Ranking Knowledge on the Semantic Web
  115. Gnowsis Adapter Framework: Treating Structured Data Sources as Virtual RDF Graphs
  116. Graph-Based Inferences in a Semantic Web Server for the Cartography of Competencies in a Telecom Valley
  117. Guidelines for Benchmarking the Performance of Ontology Management APIs
  118. Information Modeling for End to End Composition of Semantic Web Services
  119. Introducing Autonomic Behaviour in Semantic Web Agents
  120. LKMS - A Legal Knowledge Management System Exploiting Semantic Web Technologies
  121. MediaCaddy - Semantic Web Based On-Demand Content Navigation System for Entertainment
  122. OMEN: A Probabilistic Ontology Mapping Tool
  123. On Applying the AGM Theory to DLs and OWL
  124. On Identifying Knowledge Processing Requirements
  125. On Logical Consequence for Collections of OWL Documents
  126. On Partial Encryption of RDF-Graphs
  127. On the Properties of Metamodeling in OWL
  128. Ontological Approach to Generating Personalized User Interfaces for Web Services
  129. Ontologies Are Us: A Unified Model of Social Networks and Semantics
  130. Ontology Change Detection Using a Version Log
  131. Ontology Design Patterns for Semantic Web Content
  132. Oyster - Sharing and Re-using Ontologies in a Peer-to-Peer Community
  133. Piggy Bank: Experience the Semantic Web Inside Your Web Browser
  134. Preferential Reasoning on a Web of Trust
  135. Provenance-Based Validation of E-Science Experiments
  136. Querying Ontologies: A Controlled English Interface for End-Users
  137. Rapid Benchmarking for Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems
  138. RDF Entailment as a Graph Homomorphism
  139. Reasoning with Multi-version Ontologies: A Temporal Logic Approach
  140. RelExt: A Tool for Relation Extraction from Text in Ontology Extension
  141. Representing Web Service Policies in OWL-DL
  142. Resolution-Based Approximate Reasoning for OWL DL
  143. RitroveRAI: A Web Application for Semantic Indexing and Hyperlinking of Multimedia News
  144. RUL: A Declarative Update Language for RDF
  145. Searching Dynamic Communities with Personal Indexes
  146. Semantic Acceleration Helping Realize the Semantic Web Vision or "The Practical Web"
  147. Semantically Rich Recommendations in Social Networks for Sharing, Exchanging and Ranking Semantic Context
  148. Semantic Browsing of Digital Collections
  149. Semantic Service Integration for Water Resource Management
  150. Semantic Web Public Policy Challenges: Privacy, Provenance, Property and Personhood
  151. Seven Bottlenecks to Workflow Reuse and Repurposing
  152. Stable Model Theory for Extended RDF Ontologies
  153. Supporting Rule System Interoperability on the Semantic Web with SWRL
  154. Task Knowledge Based Retrieval for Service Relevant to Mobile User's Activity
  155. The Concept Object Web for Knowledge Management
  156. The FungalWeb Ontology: Semantic Web Challenges in Bioinformatics and Genomics
  157. The Personal Publication Reader
  158. Towards a Formal Verification of OWL-S Process Models
  159. Towards a Killer App for the Semantic Web
  160. Towards Imaging Large-Scale Ontologies for Quick Understanding and Analysis
  161. Ubiquitous Service Finder Discovery of Services Semantically Derived from Metadata in Ubiquitous Computing
  162. Using the Semantic Web for e-Science: Inspiration, Incubation, Irritation
  163. Using Triples for Implementation: The Triple20 Ontology-Manipulation Tool
  164. Web Service Composition with Volatile Information

The following people were involved in The Forth International Semantic Web Conference: Lei Zhang 0007, Chris van Aart, Nik Naila Binti Abdullah, Fabian Abel, Karl Aberer, Shinji Abe, Ross G. Ackland, Raja Afandi, Tae-sung Ahn, Rama Akkiruja, Harith Alani, Faisal Alkhateeb, Dean Allemang, Jose Manuel Alonso, Jose Luis Ambite, Anastasia Analyti, Ion Androutsopoulos, Jürgen Angele, Anupriya Ankolekar, Grigoris Antoniou, Yuan An, Nitin Arora, Lora Aroyo, Tsz-Chiu Au, Paolo Avesani, Kenneth Baclawski, Jean-François Baget, Christopher J. O. Baker, Wolf-Tilo Balke, Roberto Basili, Nick Bassiliades, Steven A. Battle, Robert Baumgartner, Sean Bechhofer, Dave Beckett, Andreas Becks, Zohra Bellahsene, Salima Benbernou, Trevor Bench-Capon, Richard Benjamins, Richard V. Benjamins, V. Richard Benjamins, Petr Berka, Jack Berkowitz, Ivan Berlocher, Ansgar Bernardi, Abraham Bernstein, Christian Biasuzzi, Walter Binder, Christian Bizer, Ian Blacoe, Mercedes Blázquez, Sebastian Boehm, Uldis Bojars, Kalina Bontcheva, Alexander Borgida, Roberto Boselli, Paolo Bouquet, Andy Brass, Johannes Breitfuss, Douglas Brewer, Dan Brickley, Adrian Brooks, Jos de Bruijn, Francois Bry, Paul Buitelaar, Christoph Bussler, Greg Butler, Liliana Cabral, Diego Calvanese, Mark A. Cameron, Marco Cammisa, Mario Cannataro, Peter Capsey, Alice Carpentier, Leslie Carr, Jeremy Carroll, Pompeu Casanovas, Edel Cassidy, Carola Catenacci, Pierre-Antoine Champin, Sam Chapman, Philippe Chatalic, Vinay Chaudhri, Vinay K. Chaudhri, Wei Chen, Weiqin Chen, Ann Chervenak, Timothy Chklovski, andrew choi, Vassilis Christophides, Massimiliano Ciaramita, Philipp Cimiano, Emilia Cimpian, Martine De Cock, Nigel Collier, Trevor D. Collins, Gerard Conneely, Jesús Contreras, Olivier Corby, Oscar Corcho, Paulo C. G. Costa, Andrew J. Cowell, Andy Crapo, Isabel Cruz, Javier Esplugas Cuadrado, Philippe Cudre-Mauroux, Brian Cummins, Edward Curry, Richard Cyganiak, Mathieu d'Aquin, Carlos Viegas Damásio, John Davies, Mike Dean, Keith Decker, Stefan Decker, Thierry Declerck, Duane Degler, Jianming Deng, Grit Denker, Michael Denny, David DeRoure, Vladan Devedzic, Ian Dickinson, Deborah Diduca, Jörg Diederich, Li Ding, Ying Ding, Zhongli Ding, Dragan Djuric, John Domingue, Elmar Donar, Emanuele Donati, Nick Drummond, Alistair Duke, Erik Duval, Martin Dzbor, Garry Edwards, Gary Edwards, Pete Edwards, Marc Ehrig, Thomas Eiter, Kim Elms, Carlos F. Enguix, Brian Ensor, Christen Ensor, Christian Enzi, Vadim Ermolayev, Jerome Euzenat, Boi Faltings, Weijian Fang, Nicola Fanizzi, Cristina Feier, Dieter Fensel, Mariano Fernández-López, Massimo Ferraro, David Ferrucci, Richard Fikes, Tim Finin, Timothy W. Finin, Hilda Fitzpatrick, Roar Fjellheim, Keith Flanagan, Giorgos Flouris, Colum Foley, Roberto Fonti, Gerhard Friedrich, Naoki Fukuta, Stefania Galizia, Fabien Gandon, Aldo Gangemi, Zhiqiang Gao, Raul Garcia-Castro, Shishir Garg, Lars M. Garshol, Dragan Gasevic, Tobias Gauss, Stefania Ghita, Alain Giboin, Mark Giereth, Luca Gilardoni, Owen Gilson, Yolanda Gil, Maria Gini, Sarunas Girdzijauskas, Fausto Giunchiglia, Birte Glimm, Francois Goasdoue, Carole Goble, Carole A. Goble, Antoon Goderis, Jennifer Golbeck, Christine Golbreich, Karthik Gomadam, Asun Gomez-Perez, Amit Goswami, Georg Gottlob, Nick Gotts, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Stephan Grimm, Marko Grobelnik, Nicolas Gronnier, Perry Groot, Benjamin Grosof, Benjamin N. Grosof, William E. Grosso, Paul T. Groth, Michael Grove, Nicola Guarino, Alessio Gugliotta, R.V. Guha, Cecile Guigard, Yuanbo Guo, Asunción Gómez-Pérez, Anne Göhring, Volker Haarslev, Peter Haase, Hakim Hacid, Mohand Said Hacid, Willem Robert van Hage, Peter Haglich, Christian Halaschek-Wiener, Wendy Hall, Siegfried Handschuh, Sigurd Harand, Frank van Harmelen, Andreas Harth, Jens Hartmann, Tetsuo Hasegawa, Marek Hatala, Patrick Hayes, Mark Hefke, Jeff Heflin, Gertjan van Heijst, James Hendler, James A. Hendler, Jim Hendler, Lina Henriksen, Nicola Henze, Martin Hepp, Ivan Herman, Marcus Herzog, Stijn Heymans, Takeda Hideaki, Pascal Hitzler, Ralph Hodgson, Mark Hoffman, Tonya Hongsermeier, Masahiro Hori, Matthew Horridge, Ian Horrocks, Herman J. ter Horst, Herman ter Horst, Bettina Hoser, Zhisheng Huang, Michael Huhns, Jane Hunter, Jessica Huster, Jérémy Huylebroeck, David Huynh, Gearoid Hynes, Eero Hyvönen, Giovambattista Ianni, Kashif Iqbal, Zachary Ives, Noriaki Izumi, Senthil Jaganathan, Anuj R. Jaiswal, Maciej Janik, Matthias Jarke, Yong-il Jeong, Aida Jertila, Anupam Joshi, Lalana Kagal, Jose Kahan, Yannis Kalfoglou, Aditya Kalyanpur, Daisuke Kanjo, David R. Karger, Gregory Karvounarakis, Vipul Kashyap, Sophia Katrenko, Yardan Katz, Yarden Katz, Esther Kaufmann, Tomi Kauppinen, Yukiko Kawai, Takahiro Kawamura, Natalya Keberle, Rich Keller, Elisa F. Kendall, David Kensche, Mick Kerrigan, Carl Kesselman, Brian Kettler, Brian P. Kettler, Deepali Khushraj, Christoph Kiefer, Malte Kiesel, Micheal Kifer, Edward Kilgarriff, Jintae Kim, Minsoo Kim, Roger "Buzz" King, Nick Kings, Atanas Kiryakov, Yasuhiko Kitamura, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Thomas Kleemann, Michel Klein, Ruediger Klein, Fabius Klemm, Matthias Klusch, Holger Knublauch, Alfred Kobsa, Krys Kochut, Ioanna Koffina, Marja-Riitta Koivunen, Mieczyslaw M. Kokar, Pranam Kolari, Stefanos D. 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Rodrguez-Aguilar, Luis Rodrigo, Nikki Rogers, Dumitru Roman, Riccardo Rosati, Marie-Christine Rousset, Tuukka Ruotsalo, Alistair Russell, Marco Ruzzi, Henryk Rybinski, Stefan Rüger, Marta Sabou, Norman Sadeh, Fereidoon Sadri, Brigitte Safar, Satya S. Sahoo, S. Sahtouris, R. Salla, Mirva Salminen, Brahmananda Sapkota, Munehiko Sasajima, Ulrike Sattler, Leo Sauermann, Andrew Schain, Roman Schindlauer, Stefan Schlobach, Roman Schmidt, Christoph Schmitz, Björn Schnizler, Hans-Peter Schnurr, Marco Schorlemmer, monica schraefel, Guus Schreiber, Alexander Schutz, Sven Schwarz, James Scicluna, Christian Seeling, Julian Seidenberg, Katri Seppälä, Luciano Serafini, Radu Serban, Giorgos Serfiotis, Arash Shaban-Nejad, Nigel Shadbolt, Kostyantyn M. Shchekotykhin, Amit Sheth, Brian Shields, Pavel Shvaiko, Wolf Siberski, Carles Sierra, Paulo Pinheiro da Silva, Kai Simon, Patrick Sinclair, Rishi Rakesh Sinha, Alex Sinner, Michael Sintek, Katharina Siorpaes, Evren Sirin, Andrzej Skowron, Piercarlo Slavazza, Derek Sleeman, Paul Smart, Alan Smeaton, Ashley Smith, Ben Lithgow Smith, Brendan Smith, Maria Smyth, Nikolaos Spanoudakis, Alfred Spector, Alfred Z. Spector, Kevin Spivey, Biplav Srivastava, Steffen Staab, Giorgos Stamou, Giorgos B. Stamou, James Starz, Jim Starz, Lynn Andrea Stein, Armando Stellato, Robert Stevens, Giorgos Stoilos, Michael Stollberg, Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Rudi Studer, Gerd Stumme, Eiichi Sunagawa, York Sure, Ondrej Svab, Vojtech Svatek, Bonnie Swart, Katia P. Sycara, Martin Szomszor, Said Tabet, Hideaki Takeda, Valentina Tamma, Valentina A. M. Tamma, Katsumi Tanaka, Val Tannen, Kerry L. Taylor, Christoph Tempich, P. Tena, Phil Tetlow, Nobuji Tetsutani, Snehal Thakkar, Yannis Theoharis, David A. Thurman, Yuri Tijerino, Santtu Toivonen, Robert Tolksdorf, Ioan Toma, Kai Tomaschewski, Petr Tomasek, Hans Tompits, Farouk Toumani, Ralph Traphoener, Raphael Troncy, Olga De Troyer, Dmitry Tsarkov, Kewei Tu, Daniele Turi, Samson W. Tu, Yannis Tzitzikas, Kouji Ueno, Victoria Uren, Tomas Uribe, Mike Uschold, Andrzej Uszok, Marten Den Uyl, Raju Vaidya, Andre Valente, Arttu Valo, Wamberto Vasconcelos, Laurentiu Vasiliu, Kunal Verma, Dirk Vermeir, Kim Viljanen, Ubbo Visser, Vladimir Vladimirov, Dan Vodislav, Peter Vorburger, Denny Vrandecic, Max Völkel, Johanna Völker, Holger Wache, Gerd Wagner, Matthias Wagner, Evan Wallace, Brian Wall, Hai Wang, Sui-Yu Wang, Paul Warren, Richard Watts, Daniel J Weitzner, Chris Welty, Christopher Welty, Carlos Wert, Jan Wielemaker, Bob J. Wielinga, Stuart K. Williams, Steve Willmott, Max Wilson, Michael Wilson, Marianne Winslett, Anil Wipat, Katy Wolstencroft, Sylvia C. Wong, Michael Wooldridge, Miao Xiong, Takahira Yamaguchi, Guizhen Yang, liu yang, Yiyu Yao, Kiyoshi Yasuda, Mikalai Yatskevich, Yeliz Yesilada, Anu Ylisalmi, Yang Yu, Yong Yu, Valentin Zacharias, Fabio Massimo Zanzotto, Ilona Zaremba, Michal Zaremba, Zdenek Zdráhal, Yuqing Zhai, Charles Zhang, Jie Zhang, Haiping Zhu, Cai-Nicolas Ziegler, Djamel Zighed, Evgeny Zolin

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