The Third International Semantic Web Conference


The following papers were presented at The Third International Semantic Web Conference (listed alphabetically):
  1. Overcoming the Tyranny of the Majority in Social Information Filtering System
  2. RDF(S) Manipulation, Storage and Querying using Sesame
  3. Annotea shared bookmarks: Semantic Web at your fingertips
  4. PARIP Explorer - Researching the Researchers
  5. Intelligent Product Information Search Framework Based on the Semantic Web
  6. Environmental Health News Building an on-line news portal using Semantic Web technologies
  7. Learning path creation to achieve learner's goal for Web Based Training using RDF
  8. The Practical Application of Semantic Web Technologies for Situation Awareness
  9. Protege OWL Plugin Demo
  10. Bringing Discussion to Documents for the Creation of Richer Metadata
  11. OntoLT Version 1.0: Middleware for Ontology Extraction from Text
  12. Automatic Semantic Annotation with KIM
  13. Advanced search and browsing in digital libraries
  14. RDF and Topic Maps Interoperability in Practice
  15. Xcerpt and visXcerpt: Twin Query Languages for the Semantic Web
  16. OntoSelect: A Dynamic Ontology Library with Support for Ontology Selection
  17. Gnowsis Semantic Desktop
  18. Annotating the Legacy Web with Lixto
  19. Competence Manager Applying the Semantic Web in Practice
  20. OntoTrack: A New Ontology Authoring Approach
  21. DR-DEVICE: A Defeasible Logic RDF Rule Language
  22. MiXA: A Musical Annotation System
  23. iVAS: Web-based Video Annotation System and its Applications
  24. TopBraid, a Multi-user Environment for distributed authoring of Ontologies
  25. ASSAM : A Tool for Semi-Automatically Annotating Semantic Web Services
  26. Artificial Memory Prototype for Personal Semantic Subdocument Knowledge Management (PS-KM)
  27. Using Photo Annotations to Produce a Reminiscence Video for Dementia Patients
  28. A User Oriented OWL Development Environment Designed to Implement Common Patterns & Minimise Common Errors
  29. Magpie: Supporting Browsing and Navigation on the Semantic Web
  30. Plug-in for Protege 2000 which supports Sesame
  31. Semantic Web Fred Agent Cooperation on the Semantic Web
  32. INWISS - Integrative Enterprise Knowledge Portal
  33. OWL-S Editor
  34. Integration of KAoS Policy Services with Semantic Web Services
  35. CODE: A Development Environment for OWL-S Web services
  36. ODE SWS, A Semantic Web Service Development
  37. WS-GEN: A Tool for the Automated Composition of Semantic Web Services
  38. HotBlu - A system for large scale service discovery and composition
  39. SWCLOS: A Semantic Web Processor on Common Lisp Object System
  40. WSMX-Infrastructure for Execution of Semantic Web Services
  41. IRS-III: A Platform and Infrastructure for Creating WSMO-based Semantic Web Services
  42. Introducing the Gnowsis Semantic Desktop
  43. Integrated Visualization for Semantic Web
  44. D2RQ – Treating Non-RDF Databases as Virtual RDF Graphs
  45. Describing Data Sources Semantically for Facilitating Efficient Creation of OLAP Cubes
  46. Towards Semantic Web-Based Yellow Page Directory Services
  47. Building an Ontology for NEWS Applications
  48. Educational Topic Maps
  49. Description of an Instructional Ontology and its Application in Web Services for Education
  50. Mining for Content Re-Use and Exchange -- Solutions and Problems
  51. Semantic Access to Graphical Web Ressources for Blind User
  52. Construction of Condensed Thesaurus for Building Radiology Ontology
  53. Semantic Web Applications based on Physical State Model of Products
  54. An Ontological Framework for Semantic Description of Devices
  55. Multi-step Media Adaptation with Semantic Web Services
  56. How to Build An Adaptive Web Site: A Framework for User Adaptation
  57. A SW-based Framework for Disclosure of Organizational Knowledge to the Outside World
  58. Egocentric Search based on RSS
  59. Balog : Location-based Information Aggregation System
  60. Detecting and Analyzing Blog Community
  61. Context-Aware Support for Communities of Practice
  62. Open Ontologies and Open Knowledge Bases for Modeling the Social Layer of the Semantic Web
  63. Metadata Description for Analyzing Web Social Network in Academic Communities
  64. Sneachta and the PUII-The Semantic Social Network Portal
  65. Towards a Semantic "Myportal"
  66. Advanced Design of Semantic Web Portal: ODESeW2
  67. Towards a Semantic Wiki Wiki Web
  68. OASIS – A New Tool for the Transformation of XML Knowledge Resources into OWL
  69. Round-tripping between XML and RDF
  70. LixtoForAll: Consumer-level Semantic Web-Squeezing and Aggregation
  71. Keyword Extraction from the Web for Creation of Person Metadata
  72. Building Phylogenetic Lexical Ontologies
  73. Automatic Inference of Word Meaning using Phonosemantic Patterns
  74. Requirements for Ontology Indexed Knowledge Resources: Clarifying the relation of Universals, Prototypes, and Kinds of Metadata
  75. Web Explanations for Semantic Heterogeneity Discovery
  76. Ontology-Driven Knowledge Integration from Heterogeneous Sources for Operational Decision Making Support
  77. DODDLE-OWL: On-the-fly Ontology Construction with Ontology Quality Management
  78. Ontology Language Extensions to Support Collaborative Ontology Building
  79. A Web Based Platform for Collaborative Ontology Management
  80. Towards Ontologoical Context Mediation for Semantic Web Database Integration: Translating COIN Ontologies into OWL
  81. WSIRD: Web Services Integration via Rules for Data Transformation
  82. WSMX – An Architecture for Semantic Web Service Discovery, Mediation and Invocation
  83. Semantic Web Fred
  84. Jacinta: A Mediator Agent for Human-Agent Interaction in Semantic Web Services
  85. The OWL-S Java API
  86. Pellet: An OWL DL Reasoner
  87. Hypermedia Inspired Ontology Engineering Environment: SWOOP
  88. Enterprise Semantic Web Solutions
  89. A Framework for Ontology-based Authoring Environments
  90. A Comparison of RDF Query Languages
  91. A Conceptual Architecture for Semantic Web Services
  92. A Method for Converting Thesauri to RDF/OWL
  93. A Model Theoretic Semantics for Ontology Versioning
  94. An API for Ontology Alignment
  95. An Evaluation of Knowledge Base Systems for Large OWL Datasets
  96. An Extensible Directory Enabling Efficient Semantic Web Service Integration
  97. Applying KAoS Services to Ensure Policy Compliance for Semantic Web Services Workflow Composition and Enactment
  98. Applying Semantic Web Services to Bioinformatics: Experiences Gained, Lessons Learnt
  99. Applying Semantic Web Technology to the Life Cycle Support of Complex Engineering Assets
  100. A Semantic Web Resource Protocol: XPointer and HTTP
  101. ASSAM: A Tool for Semi-automatically Annotating Semantic Web Services
  102. Automated Composition of Semantic Web Services into Executable Processes
  103. Automatic Generation of Ontology for Scholarly Semantic Web
  104. Automating Scientific Experiments on the Semantic Grid
  105. Bibster - A Semantics-Based Bibliographic Peer-to-Peer System
  106. Bipartite Graphs as Intermediate Model for RDF
  107. Contexts for the Semantic Web
  108. Extending the RDFS Entailment Lemma
  109. From Software APIs to Web Service Ontologies: A Semi-automatic Extraction Method
  110. From Tables to Frames
  111. Generating On the Fly Queries for the Semantic Web: The ICS-FORTH Graphical RQL Interface (GRQL)
  112. GridVine: Building Internet-Scale Semantic Overlay Networks
  113. How to Build Google2Google - An (Incomplete) Recipe
  114. Inferring Data Transformation Rules to Integrate Semantic Web Services
  115. Information Gathering During Planning for Web Service Composition
  116. Information Retrieval Support for Ontology Construction and Use
  117. Knowledge-Intensive Induction of Terminologies from Metadata
  118. Learning Meta-descriptions of the FOAF Network
  119. Metadata-Driven Personal Knowledge Publishing
  120. On the Emergent Semantic Web and Overlooked Issues
  121. OntoTrack: Combining Browsing and Editing with Reasoning and Explaining for OWL Lite Ontologies
  122. OntoViews - A Tool for Creating Semantic Web Portals
  123. Opening Up Magpie via Semantic Services
  124. ORIENT: Integrate Ontology Engineering into Industry Tooling Environment
  125. Patching Syntax in OWL Ontologies
  126. Public Deployment of Semantic Service Matchmaker with UDDI Business Registry
  127. QOM - Quick Ontology Mapping
  128. Query Answering for OWL-DL with Rules
  129. Querying Real World Services Through the Semantic Web
  130. Rules-By-Example - A Novel Approach to Semantic Indexing and Querying of Images
  131. SemanticOrganizer: A Customizable Semantic Repository for Distributed NASA Project Teams
  132. Semantic Web Service Interaction Protocols: An Ontological Approach
  133. Small Can Be Beautiful in the Semantic Web
  134. Specifying Ontology Views by Traversal
  135. Structure-Based Partitioning of Large Concept Hierarchies
  136. SWS for Financial Overdrawn Alerting
  137. The Protégé OWL Plugin: An Open Development Environment for Semantic Web Applications
  138. The Specification of Agent Behavior by Ordinary People: A Case Study
  139. Top-k Query Evaluation for Schema-Based Peer-to-Peer Networks
  140. Towards a Symptom Ontology for Semantic Web Applications
  141. Tracking Changes During Ontology Evolution
  142. Using Semantic Web Technologies for Representing E-science Provenance
  143. Using Vampire to Reason with OWL
  144. Visual Modeling of OWL DL Ontologies Using UML
  145. What Would It Mean to Blog on the Semantic Web?
  146. Working with Multiple Ontologies on the Semantic Web

The following people were involved in The Third International Semantic Web Conference: Norihiro Abe, Karl Aberer, Shin Adachi, Ad Aerts, S Agarwal, Jun-ichi Akahani, Harith Alani, Enrique Alfonseca, Dean Allemang, Makoto Amamiya, Bernd Amann, Jose Luis Ambite, Tapio Niemi and, Grigoris Antoniou, Mikko Apiola, Lora Aroyo, Sinuhe Arroyo, Kazuo Asakawa, Ronald Ashri, Kalid Askar, Mark van Assem, Nikolaos Athanasis, Sören Auer, Kenneth Baclawski, Jean Francois Baget, Wolf-Tilo Balke, Ayomi Bandara, Jie Bao, Nick Bassiliades, Steve Battle, Robert Baumgartner, Bradley R. Bebee, Sean Bechhofer, Zohra Bellahsene, V. Richard Benjamins, Sacha Berger, Abraham Bernstein, Daniel C. Berrios, P. Bertoli, Sumit Bhansali, Walter Binder, Christian Bizer, Jacques-Albert De Blasio, Rob Bodington, Harold Boley, Oliver Bolzer, Piero Bonatti, Kalina Bontcheva, Paolo Bouquet, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, John Breslin, Saartje Brockmans, Jeen Broekstra, Francois Bry, Paul Buitelaar, Mark Burstein, Christoph Bussler, Rafael Gonzalez Cabero, Liliana Cabral, Monique Calisti, Catherine Call, Diego Calvanese, Stefano Emilio Campanini, Tru Hoang Cao, Jeremy J. Carroll, Robert E. Carvalho, Paolo Castagna, Pablo Castells, Pierre-Antoine Champin, Vinay Chaudhri, Ing-Xiang Chen, Nikolai Chilov, Dae Woo Choi, Jinwook Choi, Ng S. T. Chong, Vassilis Christophides, Philipp Cimiano, Kendall Clark, Gary Clemo, Gregory Cobena, José Manuel López Cobo, Nigel Collier, Ion Constantinescu, Jesús Contreras, Oscar Corcho, Isabel Cruz, Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Hamish Cunningham, E. Cusenza, Jeff Dalton, Hasan Davulcu, Mike Dean, Stefan Decker, Thierry Declerck, Stijn Decneut, Grit Denker, Darina Dicheva, Christo Dichev, Ian Dickinson, Ying Ding, An Hai Doan, John Domingue, Mark Dougherty, Nick Drummond, Martin Dzbor, Andreas Eberhart, Peter Edwards, Marc Ehrig, Thomas Eigner, Daniel Elenius, Floriana Esposito, Oren Etzioni, Jerome Euzenat, Boi Faltings, Chun-Lin Fan, Nicola Fanizzi, Edward Feigenbaum, Ray W. Fergerson, Norberto Fernández-García, Richard Fikes, José Gonçalves Pereira Filho, Tim Finin, Dana Florescu, Daniela Florescu, Alvis Cheuk M. Fong, Tina Froehner, Naoki Fukuta, Tim Furche, Aldo Gangemi, Lars Marius Garshol, Damian Gessler, Matthias De Geyter, Chiara Ghidini, Yolanda Gil, Fausto Giounchiglia, Fausto Giunchiglia, Carole Goble, Carole A. Goble, Jennifer Golbeck, Asun Gomez-Perez, Asuncion Gomez-Perez, Georg Gottlob, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, W. A. Gray, R. Mark Greenwood, Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes, Marko Grobelnik, Benjamin Grosof, Michael Gruninger, Nicola Guarino, R Guha, Ramanathan V. Guha, Renata Silva Souza Guizzardi, MingChuan Guo, Yuanbo Guo, Claudio Gutiérrez, Peter Haase, Mohand Said Hacid, Willem Robert van Hage, Tatsuya Hagino, Farshad Hakimpour, Alon Halevy, Alon Y. Halevy, David R. Hall, Armin Haller, Wendy Hall, Masahiro Hamasaki, Siegfried Handschuh, Seung-Bin Han, Kiyoshi Hara, F. Van Harmelen, Frank van Harmelen, Tetsuo Hasegawa, Koiti Hasida, Takashi Hattori, Manfred Hauswirth, Yusuke Hayashi, Jonathan Hayes, Jeff Heflin, Heikki Helin, James Hendler, James A. Hendler, Rubén Lara Hernández, Marcus Herzog, Reinhold Herzog, Andreas Heß, Kaoru Hiramatsu, Michiyasu Hiramatsu, Tsukasa Hirashima, Vasant Honavar, Masahiro Hori, Satoshi Hori, Matthew Horridge, Ian Horrocks, Herman J. ter Horst, Herman ter Horst, Mirko Horstmann, Geert-Jan Houben, Todd Hughes, Michael Huhns, Siu Cheung Hui, Duncan Hull, Rick Hull, Jane Hunter, Eero Hyvönen, Luigi Iannone, Mitsuru Ikeda, Akiko Inaba, Toru Ishida, Mitsuru Ishizuka, Yukihiro Itoh, Zack Ives, Noriaki Izumi, Renia Jeffers, Eddie Johnston, Anupam Joshi, B Joyner, Katsuhiko Kaji, Yannis Kalfoglou, Aditya Kalyanpur, Akifumi Kambara, Subbarao Kambhampati, Arjohn Kampman, Daisuke Kanjo, David R. Karger, Vipul Kashyap, Fumihiro Kato, Boris Katz, Yukiko Kawai, Masanori Kawamura, Takahiro Kawamura, Richard M. Keller, Uwe Keller, B Kershaw, Wooju Kim, Roger (Buzz) King, David Kinny, Atanas Kiryakov, Kazuhiro Kitagawa, Yasuhiko Kitamura, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Michel Klein, Michel C. A. Klein, Matthias Klusch, Craig Knoblock, Holger Knublauch, Kiyoshi Kogure, Paul A. Kogut, Seiji Koide, Marja-Riitta Koivunen, Mieczyslaw M. Kokar, Mitch M. Kokar, Dimitri Konstantas, Donald Kossman, Dimitris Kotzinos, Manolis Koubarakis, Todd Koym, Andrew Krizhanovsky, Sebastian R. Kruk, Sandhya Kunnatur, Li-Chia Kuo, Ken Kuriyama, Nicholas Kushmerick, Nick Kushmerick, Ugur Kuter, Kazuhiro Kuwabara, Noriaki Kuwahara, Yannis Labrou, Manuel Lama, Ora Lassila, Thibaud Latour, Mikko Laukkanen, Georg Lausen, Jerzy Letkowski, Jurek Letkowski, Tatiana Levashova, Chen Li, Thorsten Liebig, Mamede Lima-Marques, Chenxi Lin, Petri Lindgren, Suzanne Little, Sandy Liu, Pang-Hsiang Lo, Angel Lopez-Cima, Phillip W. Lord, Martin Lorenz, Silvestre Losada, Lars Ludwig, Jing Lu, Peter Löffler, Ciaran MacDonaill, Robert MacGregor, Stuart Madnick, Akira Maeda, Shalil Majithia, Dimitar Manov, A. Marconi, Rosen Marinov, David Martin, Darren Marvin, Maarten Marx, Christopher J. Matheus, Mihhail Matskin, Masaki Matsudaira, Noriyuki Matsuda, Yutaka Matsuo, Diana Maynard, Brian McBride, Frank McCabe, Rob McCool, Drew McDermott, Lucas McDowell, Luke McDowell, Deborah McGuinness, Deborah L. McGuinness, S. McIlraith, Sheila McIlraith, Sheila A. McIlraith, Eamonn McQuade, Sergey Melnik, Maarten Menken, Maarten R. Menken, Agathe Merceron, Peter Mika, Takeru Miki, L Miller, Tsunenori Mine, Riichiro Mizoguchi, Adrian Mocan, Pavlos Moraitis, Matthew Moran, Junichiro Mori, Takeshi Morita, Boris Motik, Enrico Motta, Ina O' Murchu, Mark Musen, Mark A. Musen, John Mylopoulos, Eetu Mäkelä, Katashi Nagao, Jun'ichi Nakamura, Dana S. Nau, Wolfgang Nejdl, Marco Neumann, Matthias Nickles, Marcos Niño, Saeko Nomura, Olaf Noppens, Natalya F. Noy, Natalya Fridman Noy, Natasha Noy, Kosuke Numa, David O'Sullivan, Tim Oates, Damyan Ognyanoff, Ikki Ohmukai, Carlos Oliveira, Edgard Costa Oliveira, Mariusz Olko, Lars E. Olson, Yukio Osawa, Ignazio Palmisano, Yue Pan, Zhengxiang Pan, Massimo Paolucci, Sang-un Park, Bijan Parsia, Michael Pashkin, Peter Patel-Schneider, Terry Payne, Terry R. Payne, Tim Van Pelt, Steve Pepper, A A Piccini, Luís Ferreira Pires, M. Pistore, Marco Pistore, Aleksander Pivk, Michal Plechawski, D. Plexousakis, Dimitris Plexousakis, Irene Polikoff, Jeffrey T. Pollock, Borislav Popov, Martin Povoln, Alun D. Preece, Chris Preist, David Price, S Price, Torsten Priebe, Pawel Pyszlak, Dennis Quan, Thanh Tho Quan, Zbigniew Ras, Alan Rector, Chantal Reynaud, Alexandre Riazanov, Stephen J. Rich, Mariano Rico, Maarten de Rijke, Mark Roantree, David Roure, Marie-Christine Rousset, Maria Ruiz-Casado, Henryk Rybinski, Samppa Saarela, Marta Sabou, Norman Sadeh, Fereidoon Sadri, Nobuo Saitoh, Nobuo Saito, Luiz Olavo Bonino da Silva Santos, Tetsuji Satoh, Ulrike Sattler, Leo Sauermann, Sebastian Schaffert, Gary S. Schiltz, Björn Schnizler, Michel Scholl, W. Marco Schorlemmer, Guus Schreiber, Sven Schwarz, Andy Seaborne, Denilson Sell, Giovanni Semeraro, Luciano Serafini, Nigel Shadbolt, Yoshihiro Shigeta, Hideo Shimazu, Noritada Shimizu, Pavel Shvaiko, Wolf Siberski, Ronny Siebes, Paulo Pinheiro da Silva, Marten van Sinderen, Anna Sinopalnikova, Michael Sintek, Yella Siril, Evren Sirin, Andrzej Skowron, Wolfgang Slany, Alexander Smirnov, Pavel Smrž, Peter Soetens, Bruce Spencer, Naveen Srinivasan, Steffen Staab, Lincoln Stein, Lynn Andrea Stein, Robert Stevens, Michael Stollberg, Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Rudi Studer, Gerd Stumme, Ian B. Sturken, Naoki Sugiura, Kazuo Sumita, York Sure, Mike Surridge, Zhong Su, Keith J. Swanson, Katia Sycara, Katia P. Sycara, Luis Sánchez-Fernández, Said Tabet, Hideaki Takeda, Masataka Takeuchi, Hirokazu Taki, Valentina Tamma, Katsumi Tanaka, Shinichiro Tanaka, Yohei Tanaka, Tomoya Taniguchi, Val Tannen, Austin Tate, Roberto Tazzoli, Christoph Tempich, Ivan Terziev, Nobuji Tetsutani, Uwe Thaden, Bryan B. Thompson, Santtu Toivonen, Tetsuro Tokunaga, Gianluca Tonti, P. Traverso, Paolo Traverso, Dmitry Tsarkov, Hiroshi Tsuda, Jun-ichi Tsujii, Kewei Tu, Cormac Twomey, Yannis Tzitzikas, Hiroki Uematsu, Carsten Ullrich, Andrzej Uszok, Richard Vdovjak, Srinivas Vemuri, Kim Viljanen, Ubbo Visser, Ioannis Vlahavas, Dan Vodislav, Raphael Volz, Gerd Wagner, David W. Walker, Chris Walton, Hai Wang, Gerhard Weiss, Christopher Welty, Jan Wielemaker, Bob J. Wielinga, Christoph Wieser, Kevin Wilkinson, Mark D. Wilkinson, Steve Willmott, Marianne Winslett, Shawn R. Wolfe, Michael Wooldridge, Chris Wroe, Guo Tong Xie, Takahira Yamaguchi, Daisuke Yamamoto, Michihiro Yamamoto, Cheng-Zen Yang, Guizhen Yang, Yiyu Yao, Kiyoshi Yasuda, Toshio Yokoi, Haibo Yu, Yong Yu, Maciej Zaremba, Michael Zaremba, Michal Zaremba, Lei Zhang, Zhuo Zhang, Jun Zhao, Ning Zhong, Xuan Zhou, Djamel Zighed, Peter Zugmann

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