OWL Full Metamodeling with SWCLOS

Presented at: 6th International and 2nd Asian Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2007+ASWC2007)

by Seiji Koide, Hideaki Takeda

Webpage: http://iswc2007.semanticweb.org/papers/Paper361-Poster.pdf

SWCLOS is an OWL Full processor buit on top of Common Lisp Object System. We enabled OWL metamodeling with SWCLOS. In this poster and demo, we introduce criteria for metamodeling, that are derived from the principles of object-oriented metamodeling, and demonstrate examples of metamodeling with SWCLOS.

OWL Full Metamodeling with SWCLOS was presented at this event.

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Same as: http://revyu.com/things/iswc-aswc-2007-posters-demos-paper-361-owl-full

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