DataOps: Seamless End-to-end Anything-to-RDF Data Integration

Presented at: The 12th Extented Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2015)

by Andriy Nikolov, Christoph Pinkel, Andreas Schwarte, Ana Sasa Bastinos, Johannes Trame, Tobias Zeuch

While individual components for semantic data integration are commonly available, end-to-end solutions are rare. We demonstrate DataOps, a seamless Anything-to-RDF semantic data integration toolkit. DataOps supports the integration of both semantic and non-semantic data from an extensible host of different formats. Setting up data sources end-to-end works in three steps: (1) accessing the data from arbitrary locations in different formats, (2) specifying map- pings depending on the data format (e.g., R2RML for relational data), and (3) consolidating new data with existing data instances (e.g., by establishing owl:sameAs links). All steps are supported through a fully integrated Web interface with configuration forms and different mapping editors. Visitors of the demo will be able to perform all three steps of the integration process.

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