Detecting SPARQL Query Templates for Data Prefetching

Presented at: 10th ESWC 2013 (ESWC2013)

by Johannes Lorey, Felix Naumann

Publicly available Linked Data repositories provide a multitude of information. By utilizing SPARQL, Web sites and services can consume this data and present it in a user-friendly form, e.g., in mash-ups. To gather RDF triples for this task, machine agents typically issue similarly structured queries with recurring patterns against the SPARQL endpoint. These queries usually differ only in a small number of individual triple pattern parts, such as resource labels or literals in objects. We present an approach to detect such recurring patterns in queries and introduce the notion of query templates, which represent clusters of similar queries exhibiting these recurrences. We describe a matching algorithm to extract query templates and illustrate the benefits of prefetching data by utilizing these templates. Finally, we comment on the applicability of our approach using results from real-world SPARQL query logs.

Keywords: Query Mining, SPARQL Query Profiling, Semantic Caching

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