Observing Linked Data Dynamics

Presented at: 10th ESWC 2013 (ESWC2013)

by Tobias Käfer, Ahmed Abdelrahman, Jürgen Umbrich, Patrick O'Byrne, Aidan Hogan

In this paper we present the design of the Dynamic Linked Data Observatory: a long-term experiment to monitor the two-hop neighbourhood of a core set of one hundred thousand diverse Linked Data documents on a weekly basis. We present the methodology used for sampling the URIs to monitor, retrieving the documents, and further crawling part of the two-hop neighbourhood. Having now run this experiment for six months, we analyse the dynamics of the monitored documents over the data collected thus far. We look at the estimated lifespan of the core documents, how often they go on-line or off-line, how often they change; we further investigating domain-level trends. Next we look at changes within the RDF content of the core documents across the weekly snapshops, examining the elements (i.e., triples, subjects, predicates, objects, classes) that are most frequently added or removed. Thereafter, we look at how the links between dereferenceable documents evolves over time in the two-hop neighbourhood.

Keywords: dynamics, linked data, web of data

Resource URI on the dog food server: http://data.semanticweb.org/conference/eswc/2013/paper/eswc-2013/209

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