Representing mereotopological relations in OWL ontologies with OntoPartS

Presented at: 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2012)

by C. Maria Keet, Francis De La C. Fernandez Reyes, Annette Morales Gonzalez-Quevedo

Representing and reasoning over mereotopological relations (parthood and location) in an ontology is a well-known challenge, because there are many relations to choose from and OWL has limited expressiveness in this regard. To address these issues, we structure mereotopological relations based on the KGEMT mereotopological theory. A correctly chosen relation counterbalances some weaknesses in OWL's representation and reasoning services. To achieve effortless selection of the appropriate relation, we hide the complexities of the underlying theory through automation of modelling guidelines in the new tool OntoPartS. It uses, mainly, the categories from DOLCE, which avoids lengthy question sessions, and it includes examples and verbalizations. OntoPartS was experimentally evaluated, which demonstrated that selecting and representing the desired relation was done efficiently and more accurately with OntoPartS.

Keywords: OWL, mereotopology, ontologies, ontology development method

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