COV4SWS.KOM: Information Quality-aware Matchmaking for Semantic Services

Presented at: 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2012)

by Stefan Schulte, Ulrich Lampe, Matthias Klusch, Ralf Steinmetz

The discovery of functionally matching services - often referred to as matchmaking - is one of the essential requirements for realizing the vision of the Internet of Services. In practice, however, the process is complicated by the varying quality of syntactic and semantic descriptions of service components. In this work, we propose COV4SWS.KOM, a semantic matchmaker that addresses this challenge through the automatic adaptation to the description quality on different levels of the service structure. Our approach performs very good with respect to common Information Retrieval metrics, achieving top placements in the renowned Semantic Service Selection Contest, and thus marks an important contribution to the discovery of services in a realistic application context.

Keywords: Matchmaking, Semantic Web Services, Service Discovery

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