Interactive Knowledge Stack : Enhancing the Semantic Capabilities of Content Management Systems

Presented at: 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2012)

by Alessandro Adamou, Wernher Behrendt

Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) is an FP7 EU-funded integrating project targeted at European small and medium enterprises that provide content and knowledge management technologies to end-users and organisations. Most such enterprises experience hindrances up to utter impediment when leveraging the power of semantic technologies and Linked Data. As such, they remain tied to traditional data silo paradigms and forced to handle intelligent content as old-fashioned closed worlds. Ultimately, this has a negative downstream impact on thousands of end-users and organisations which are served by these providers. The IKS project responds to these needs by providing a reference architecture and an open-source implementation for a layered software platform that can semantically enhance multiple functional aspects of the content management lifecycle. The mission is to provide and promote an open, interoperable and unobtrusive platform that can be deployed alongside a CMS and customised according to specific needs from vendors and adopters.

Keywords: Linked Data, content management systems, natural language processing, ontology networks, reasoning, semantic interaction

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