TELEIOS: Building Virtual Earth Observatories Using Semantic Web and Scientific Database Technologies

Presented at: 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2012)

by Manolis Koubarakis

Advances in remote sensing technologies have allowed us to send an ever-increasing number of satellites in orbit around Earth. As a result, Earth Observation data archives have been constantly increasing in size in the last few years (now reaching petabyte sizes), and have become a valuable source of information for many scientific and application domains (environment, oceanography, geology, archaeology, security, etc.). TELEIOS is a recent European project that addresses the need for scalable access to petabytes of Earth Observa- tion data and the discovery of knowledge that can be used in applications. To achieve this, TELEIOS builds on scientic database technologies (array databases, SciQL, data vaults) and SemanticWeb technologies (stRDF and stSPARQL) im- plemented on top of state of the art database systems (Strabon and MonetDB). In this presentation/poster we outline the vision of TELEIOS (now in its second year) and present the results we have achieved so far.

Keywords: array extensions of SQL, big data, geospatial extensions of RDF and SPARQL, satellite images

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