RESTdesc—A Functionality-Centered Approach to Semantic Service Description and Composition

Presented at: 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2012)

by Ruben Verborgh, Thomas Steiner, Davy Van Deursen, Sam Coppens, Erik Mannens, Rik Van De Walle, Joaquim Gabarro

If we want automated agents to consume the Web, they need to understand what a certain service does and how it relates to other services and data. The shortcoming of existing service description paradigms is their focus on technical aspects instead of the functional aspect—what task does a service perform, and is this a match for my needs? This paper summarizes our recent work on RESTdesc, a semantic service description approach that centers on functionality. It has a solid foundation in logics, which enables advanced service matching and composition, while providing elegant and concise descriptions, responding to the demands of automated clients on the future Web of Agents.

Keywords: REST, Semantic Web, Web services, service composition

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