Product customization as Linked Data

Presented at: 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2012)

by Edouard Chevalier, Fran├žois-Paul Servant

Ranges of customizable products are huge and complex, because of the number of features and options a customer can choose from, and the many constraints that exist between them. It could hinder the publishing of customizable product data on the web of e-business data, because constraints are not tractable by agents lacking reasoning capabilities. But the configuration process, which helps a customer to make her choice, one step at a time, is a traversal of a graph of partially defined products - that is, Linked Data. Reasoning being hosted on the server, its complexity is hidden from clients. This results in a generic configuration API, in use at Renault. As configurations can be completed to valid commercial offers, the corresponding ontology fits nicely with GoodRelations. Benefits in e-business related use cases are presented: sharing configurations between media, devices and applications, range comparison based on customer's interests, ads, SEO.

Keywords: Automotive, Configuration, Customizable Product, GoodRelations, Linked Data

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