Developing an Incomplete Reasoner in Five Minutes: the Large Knowledge Collider in Action

Presented at: 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2012)

by Alexey Cheptsov

The Large Knowledge Collider (LarKC) is a prominent development platform for the Semantic Web reasoning applications. Guided by the preliminary goal to facilitate the incomplete reasoning, LarKC has evolved in a unique platform, which can be used for the development of robust, flexible, and efficient semantic web applications, also leveraging the modern grid and cloud resources. As a reaction on the numerous requests coming from the tremendously increasing user community of LarKC, we set up a demonstration package for LarKC that is intended to present the main subsystems, development tools and graphical user interfaces of LarKC. The demo aims for both early adopters and experienced users and serves the purpose of promoting Semantic Web Reasoning and LarKC technologies to the potentially new user communities.

Keywords: LarKC, reasoning, workflow

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