ExpLOD: Summary-based Exploration of Interlinking and RDF Usage in the Linked Open Data Cloud

Presented at: 7th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2010)

by Mariano Consens, Shahan Khatchadourian

The Linking Open Data community project is promoting the creation of interlinked RDF datasets with links between data items identified using dereferenceable URIs. This promising direction for publishing data on the web brings forward a number of issues. A key challenge is to understand the data, the schema, and the interlinks that are actually used both within and across linked datasets. Understanding actual RDF usage is critical in the increasingly common situations where terms from many different RDFS and OWL vocabularies are mixed. In this paper we propose a novel mechanism to describe RDF usage by creating RDF summaries from bisimulation contractions of neighbourhoods (or BCNs). We describe a tool, ExpLOD, that supports constructing and visualizing BCNs, as well as generating SPARQL queries based on the BCNs. We use ExpLOD to describe RDF usage within several of the collections from the Linked Open Data cloud. We present a performance evaluation of graph and SPARQL-based BCN implementations.

Keywords: BCN, ExpLOD tool, LOD datasets, RDF usage, summaries

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