Representing, Querying and Transforming Social Networks with RDF/SPARQL

Presented at: 6th Annual European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2009)

by Mauro San Martín, Claudio Gutierrez

As \emph{social networks} are becoming ubiquitous on the Web, the Semantic Web goals indicate that it is critical to have a standard model allowing exchange, interoperability, transformation, and querying of social network data. In this paper we show that RDF/SPARQL meet this \emph{desiderata}. Building on developments of {\em social network analysis}, {\em graph databases} and {\em Semantic Web}, we present a social networks data model based on RDF, and a query and transformation language based on SPARQL meeting the above requirements. We study its expressive power and complexity showing that it behaves well, and present an illustrative prototype.

Keywords: RDF, SPARQL, Social Networks, Data, Data Integration, Interoperability, Linked Data, Optimization (Computer Science), Query, Search Engine, Semantic Web, Social network, Social Network, Visualization, Web 2.0

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