Semanta – Semantic Email Made Easy

Presented at: 6th Annual European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2009)

by Simon Scerri, Brian Davis, Siegfried Handschuh, Manfred Hauswirth

In this paper we present Semanta – a fully-implemented system supporting Semantic Email Processes, integrated into the existing technical landscape and using existing email transport technology. By applying Speech Act Theory, knowledge about these processes can be made explicit, enabling machines to support email users with correctly interpreting, handling and keeping track of email messages, visualizing email threads and workflows, and extracting tasks and appointments from email messages. Whereas complex theoretical models and semantics are hidden beneath a simplistic user interface, the enabled functionalities are clear for the users to see and take advantage of. The system’s evaluation proved that our experiment with Semanta has indeed been successful and that semantic technology can be applied as an extra layer to existing technology, thus bringing its benefits into everyday computer usage.

Keywords: Email Workflows, Semantic Email, Semantic Web Applications, Social Semantic Desktop, Speech Act Theory, Annotation, Application, Collaborative Software, Data, Interoperability, Semantic Web, Usability, User Interface

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