The Web Service Modeling Language WSML: An Overview

Presented at: 3rd European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2006)

by Jos de Bruijn, Holger Lausen, Axel Polleres, Dieter Fensel


The Web Service Modeling Language (WSML) is a language for the specification of different aspects of Semantic Web Services. It provides a formal language for the Web Service Modeling Ontology WSMO which is based on well-known logical formalisms, specifying one coherent language framework for the semantic description of Web Services, starting from the intersection of Datalog and the Description Logic . This core language is extended in the directions of Description Logics and Logic Programming in a principled manner with strict layering. WSML distinguishes between conceptual and logical modeling in order to support users who are not familiar with formal logic, while not restricting the expressive power of the language for the expert user. IRIs play a central role in WSML as identifiers. Furthermore, WSML defines XML and RDF serializations for inter-operation over the Semantic Web.

The Web Service Modeling Language WSML: An Overview was presented at this event.

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