10th International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications

Homepage: http://dc-2010.org

The following papers were presented at 10th International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (listed alphabetically):
  1. Better Guidelines, Better Functionality: How Metadata Supports the Cycle of System Improvement at UNT
  2. Extending RSS to Meet Central Bank Needs
  3. Metadata for WICRI, a Network of Semantic Wikis for Communities in Research and Innovation
  4. The Case for Implementing Core Descriptive Embedded Metadata at the Smithsonian
  5. Moving Library Metadata Toward Linked Data: Opportunities Provided by the eXtensible Catalog
  6. Linking Entities in Scientific Metadata
  7. Visualizing Metadata for Environmental Datasets
  8. FRBR: A Generalized Approach to Dublin Core Application Profiles
  9. The Question about Questions: Is DC a Good Choice to Address the Challenges of Representation of Clinical Research Questions and Value Sets?
  10. From records to streams: Merging library and publisher metadata
  11. Enhancing Interoperability of FRBR-Based Metadata
  12. Building blocks of metadata: What can we learn from Lego™?
  13. The One-To-One Principle: Challenges in Current Practice
  14. Building Metadata Application Framework for Chinese Digital Library: A Case Study of National Digital Library of China
  15. Celebrating 10 Years of Government of Canada Metadata Standards
  16. Creating Metadata Best Practices for CONTENTdm Users
  17. Use of Community Metadata: Public Policy Research in PolicyArchive
  18. Vocabulary and Taxonomy Issues When Searching Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Health LiteratureT health literature
  19. Towards a Premodern Manuscript Application Profile
  20. Universal Access to Cultural Heritage Material: The Europeana Resolution Discovery Service for Persistent Identifiers
  21. Bridging End Users’ Terms and AGROVOC Concept Server Vocabularies
  22. Metadata application profile: Integrating different metadata schemes for cataloguing digital learning material collection at Biblioteca Francisco Xavier Clavigero, Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México.
  23. Creating Collection-Level Metadata: A TELDAP Case Study
  24. Establishing a Multi-Thesauri-Scenario based on SKOS and Cross-Concordances
  25. The public library catalogue as a social space: Transaction log analysis of user interaction with social discovery systems.

The following people were involved in 10th International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications: Alma B Rivera Aguilera, Leif Andresen, James E. Andrews, Ann Apps, Paul Asman, Leigh Bain, Sheila Bair, Thomas Baker, Ana Alice Baptista, Mike Bergman, Michael Robert Bolam, Jennifer B. Bowen, Sarah Buchanan, Joseph A. Busch, Douglas Campbell, San Cannon, Chao-chen Chen, Hsueh-hua Chen, Miao Chen, Eric Rogers Childress, Stephanie Ogeneski Christensen, Karen Coyle, Michael D. Crandall, Marie-Claude Côté, Ron Daniel, Thierry Daunois, Ellen Detlefsen, Margaret Devey, Mary Jo Dorsey, Jacques Ducloy, Douglas Donald Dunlop, Ying Feng, Schubert Shou Boon Foo, Muriel Foulonneau, Carol Jean Godby, Alyssa Graybeal, Jane Greenberg, Myung-Ja K. Han, Corey A. Harper, Bernhard Haslhofer, Alice Hermann, Andrew Hewson, Diane I. Hillmann, Gail M. Hodge, Seth van Hooland, Ya-Chen Ho, Gudrun Johannsen, Pete Johnston, Masahide Kanzaki, Johannes Keizer, Christopher S.G. Khoo, Traugott Koch, Sherry Koshman, John Kunze, Jean-Charles Lamirel, Michael Lauruhn, Jason Lee, Faye R. Leibowitz, Xiaozhong Liu, Magaly Vega Lopez, Yushiana Mansor, Filiberto Felipe Martinez-Arellano, Philipp Mayr, Lynne McAvoy, Alistair Miles, Steven J. Miller, Akira Miyazawa, William E. Moen, Ahsan Morshed, Mitsuharu Nagamori, Jin-Cheon Na, Liddy Nevile, Timothy Patrick, Cristina Pattuelli, Jon Phipps, Acalia Pozo-Marrero, Jian Qin, Rachel Richesson, Jenn Riley, Michael Robert, Sandy K. Roe, Stefanie Ruehle, Athena Salaba, Bernhard Schandl, Carol Hert Schema, Yunyun Shen, Denise Shereff, Stéphane Sire, Aida Slavic, Christine Sommo, Louise Spiteri, Susan Steuer, Shigeo Sugimoto, York Sure, Stuart A. Sutton, Lars G. Svensson, Ahmed Taha, Laurel Tarulli, Hannah Tarver, Joseph T. Tennis, Jean-Pierre Thomesse, Emma Tonkin, Chiung-min Tsai, Christine Vanoirbeek, Sherry L. Vellucci, Cheryl D. Walters, Mei-Ling Wang, Stuart L. Weibel, Hollie C. White, Andrea Kathleen Wiggins, Andrew C. Wilson, Long Xiao, Benjamin Zapilko, Marcia Lei Zeng, Maja Zumer

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