[FIS2010] Complete Conference Data now Available

Two weeks from now, the 3rd Future Internet Symposium will take place in Berlin. We already have all the relevant information available for you as linked data on this site. Start browsing here and have a look at the papers, posters and people of FIS2010!

[ESWC2010] ORES2010 Workshop Data Available

We have just added the metadata for the ORES2010 workshop (Ontology Repositories and Editors for the Semantic Web) from this year's ESWC. All delegates and their papers are available, including links to the paper PDFs. Start browsing here!

Dog Food Downtime 12/06 - 14/06

We apologise for the recent server downtime. We had some trouble with one of our external DBs, but this has been sorted now, and the site is up and running again! Thanks for your patience.

[ESWC2010] Complete Conference Metadata now Available

ESWC2010 Logo The 7th Extended (aka "European", as it was formerly known) Semantic Web Conference ESWC2010 is fast approaching, and just in time we bring you the (almost) complete conference metadata, containing all papers, authors, affiliations, organisers and PC members. You can start browsing straight away on the dogfood site, or access the metadata dump and reuse the conference data in your own applications.

Don't forget that you can register on the site (using OpenID, if you like) and leave comments about each paper right here!

Dog Food Site Featured on Semantic Drupal

Semantic Drupal Logo The Dog Food site has been featured on Semantic Drupal, in the first of a series of articles on Drupal sites that have Semantic Web functionality. Of course, come Drupal 7, almost every Drupal site will have SW functionality built in, but our Dog Food site follows a slightly different approach than what is done in Drupal 7. The article discusses some of the background details of how our site works, and how our approach complements the general RDFa-based approach taken in Drupal 7.

[WWW2010] Linked data for WWW2010 available

There have been some delays, but we are happy to announce that linked data for the 19th World Wide Web Conference in Raleigh, NC, USA, is now available. Why don't you start browsing with the submission that won the best paper award?

Dog Food Downtime 05/03-08/03

There is some serious maintenance work afoot here in DERI, which is why the dog food server will be offline over the weekend. We'll be back up on Monday, 08/03. Sorry for the inconvenience!

[VISSW2010] Linked data for VISSW2010 now available

Linked data about the papers and authors of VISSW2010 (Workshop on Visual Interfaces to the Social and Semantic Web) at IUI2010 is now available. Start browsing here!

[ESWC2010] First data for SPOT2010 workshop available

As an early activity around the upcoming ESWC2010, the organisers of the 2nd Workshop on Trust and Privacy on the Social and Semantic Web (SPOT2010) have started to annotate their workshop website with RDFa, using the SW Dog Food ontology.

[ISWC2009] PDFs of Research and In-use Track Now Available

The full PDF documents for all papers of ISWC2009's research and in-use track are now available on the Dog Food Server! Just browse to any of the papers of ISWC2009 and follow the link to the PDF!

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