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[ISWC2012] Linked Data Available

The ISWC2012 metadata generated by the conference's metadata team has been loaded into the site and is available here:

[WWW2012] Metadata is Out

WWW2012 Logo

The 21st World Wide Web Conference is now in full swing. Start browsing the conference metadata here!

[ISWC2011] Linked Data Available

Several datasets around ISWC2011 (the conference itself and several workshops) have been added to the site:

LREC2008, DH2010 and RuleML2011 Added

We have just added datasets for three new events to SWDF:

So there you go, a whole load of fresh triples for you to play with!

[USEWOD2011] Linked Data Available

The first International Workshop on Usage Analysis and the Web of Data takes place today as part of WWW2011, exploring, among other things, what usage logs can tell us about the Web of data. The complete metadata is available on SWDF at

[SemWiki2010] Linked Data for SemWiki2010 Available

We're happy to announce the addition of SemWiki2010 to our dataset of workshop and conference data. Check it out here.

[DC2010] Linked Data for Dublin Core 2010 Available

DC-2010 Logo We are happy to announce that the 10th Annual International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (DC-2010) has joined our corpus of conference data! As usual, you get information about all papers (incl. posters), authors, their affiliations, and various other conference metadata. Start browsing here.

FAQ Updated

We have updated the FAQ with some information on how to get your data into SWDC, and some additional information about the SPARQL endpoint.

[COLD2010] Ice-cold Linked Data Available

Linked data for the COLD2010 workshop @ ISWC2010 is now online on Start browsing here!

[ISWC2010] Linked Data for ISWC2010 Now Available

With only a few days to go until ISWC2010 is on the way, we are happy to present the first version of the linked dataset for the conference. Start browsing papers and people here. Additional workshop data will follow.

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