The Semantic Web Dog Food (SWDF) dataset is being migrated to Scholarlydata (https://w3id.org/scholarlydata). Scholarlydata dataset is a refactoring of SWDF, in an effort to keep the dataset growing in good health. Scholarlydata uses a novel data model, the conference-ontology (https://w3id.org/scholarlydata/ontology), which improves the Semantic Web Conference Ontology, adopting best ontology design practices and guarantees backward compatibility with SWDF. To add you conference or workshop data to the dataset, please refer to https://w3id.org/scholarlydata.

Welcome to the Semantic Web Conference Corpus - a.k.a. the Semantic Web Dog Food Corpus! Here you can browse and search information on papers that were presented, people who attended, and other things that have to do with the main conferences and workshops in the area of Semantic Web research.

We currently have information about

and a total of 246510 unique triples in our database!

If you want to learn more on what this site is all about, or how you can have your own conferences and workshops included, you should head over to our FAQ section.